Mother: "It`s my body!"


Choice is possible only when all the alternatives we face are

morally valid. When the "choice" is between letting an innocent

human being live or killing him, only one morally valid position

is possible. The alternative is the satanic act of taking an

innocent life.

In the area of life and death, "choice" is a misplaced word. If

we`re going to choose well, then we can choose only the good, the

true, the beautiful - life. To choose against the good, the true,

the beautiful, and life, is to turn against right reason, public

order and common decency - against our very selves. Not even that

Paladin of death, Jack Kevorkian, would associate himself with

the slogan "Choose Death"!

The right of a woman to control her own body is precisely the

right that the Supreme Court of Canada created in 1988. But it

is a false and poisonous right. What legitimate right requires

for its exercise the infliction of pain and, further, that

everytime it is exercised someone dies?

We Knights often hear advocates of choice fervently proclaim that

it`s up to each and everyone of us to determine for ourselves if

abortion is right or wrong. This kind of ridiculous rejection of

an objective standard of right and wrong would logically prevent

us from admitting the least moral distinction between Adolf

Hitler and Mother Teresa.

What we are seeing today is the fundamental dishonesty of

refusing to let words have their meaning. In fact, as has been

pointed out, the very use of the term "choice" is a lie - the

killing of other people not being a matter of choice.

There`s no getting away from it:

To be pro-choice is to be pro-abortion.

To be pro-choice is to want to deny what abortion does.

To be pro-choice is to want to hide the humanity of the child.

To be pro-choice is to want to decide who is human or a person.

Who could possible want to live by such anti-social moral

principles? Sadly, for Canadians, it would appear an increasing

number of people. For too long, we Knights have allowed many of

our Christian brothers and sisters to cherish superstition in the

face of scientific and moral truth. Let`s not be afraid to speak

out anymore and let`s not miss any opportunity to hurl this

prevailing evil, pro-choice philosophy back to hell where it came


Thaddée Renault

Pro-Life Program

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