It was just a question of time before the fanatic pro-abortion/pro-choice

supporters decided it was time to cross the Rubicon. It seems the decisive

step was officially taken with the recent publication of the book, "Breaking

the Abortion Deadlock from Choice to Consent," written by a leading

pro-choice activist. The book demonizes the 'criminal' unborn and then

makes a case for justifiable homicide.

What follows are some excerpts which clearly reveal the abominations to

which can lead the pro-abortion mindset of radical feminism, so prominently

examplified nowadays in the

author`s academic milieu. It will be difficult in reading this to realize

that the object of discussion is not a life-threatening virus but an

innocent baby nestled in the womb:

"If we`re going to treat the fetus as if it were a person, we must respect

it enough to hold it responsible for what it does. When the fetus 'makes a

woman pregnant,' it occupies and tyrannizes her body, rerouting her

circulatory system, enlarging and displacing internal organs. Abortion is

right because she refuses to consent to this fetal tyranny. The fetus is a

variety of kidnapper and she has the right to repel it with deadly force.

What`s more, the state is obliged to assist her and pay for

abortion with public funds."

"...even in a medically normal pregnancy, the fetus massively intrudes on a

woman`s body and expropriates her liberty. If the woman does not consent to

this transformation and use of her body, the fetus`s imposition constitutes

injuries sufficient to justify the use of deadly force to stop it" - as in

"rape, kidnapping or slavery."

"The law must hold the fetus accountable for what it does" as it violates

privacy. "... the fertilized ovum makes her pregnant without her consent."

"Although the fetus is innocent of conscious intention and cannot control

its behavior, it is not innocent of massively intruding on a woman`s body

and liberty. Far from being the slave that is sacrificed in an abortion, the

fetus is the one that enslaves the

woman when it imposes a wrongful pregnancy."

"Abortion, therefore, is not comparable to a person`s choice to take a

vacation; rather, it is comparable to a person`s right to use deadly force

to stop his or her own kidnapping."

The author continues throughout her justifiable homicide book to compare the

unborn child to a rapist, kidnapper, one that uses "brute force." She writes

"If a woman has the right to defend herself against a rapist she also should

be able to use deadly

force to expel a fetus." Comparing an unborn fetus one wants to abort to a

rapist is ludicrous and insane. This is a death sentence without a hearing.

Even the rapist is entitled to a lawyer.

One would think reading this book that women give birth to little Al Capones

- all smoking cigar!

This supposedly dignified discussion of child killing has drawn rave reviews

from several of the author`s colleagues in academic circles - some in their

ivory towers even invoking the term "morality" to justify this terminal

violence against the unwanted


This inhuman woman/ugly fetus message is not new. In fact, it probably

reached its high point at a 1985 rally of 3,000 feminists in Barcelona,

Spain. During a break in the

proceedings, two pregnant women were aborted in "decisively courageous"

defiance of the law. As reported in the New York Times, "Two fetuses were

presented in bottles to the convention. The hall rocked with cheers."

Dante certainly couldn`t have conceived of a better description of Hell!!

We have now arrived to the point in enlightened North America where radical

feminists portray pregnancy as a battle in which a woman and a baby are

slugging it out. Worse still, we have so cheapened human life that

something as innocent as a baby must now be demonized as a criminal in order

to justify its impending execution.

While the pro-life arguments have remained consistent all these years, the

arguments for abortion have been ever-evolving to grapple with suppressed

truth. And this is what they have led to in their logical conclusion - the

effort to construct a truly

bizarre fireproof shield around the right to abortion, for which even

reality must be bent to serve it. A parent who would rightly be viewed as a

monster for expelling and killing a child, because it temporarily and

harmlessly shared the parent`s resources, is now told it can legitimately do

so at any time in her unborn child`s prenatal life.

The saddest part of all this, however, is that the public will probably

unwittingly swallow this macho-feminist propaganda that casts mother and

child as enemies of each other. Once again we see the poison fruit of

abortion - total moral decadence.

Incidently, the author of this book is a wife and mother of two!

Thaddee Renault

Pro-Life Family Program

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