Who doesn`t abhor the frequently reported abuse of domestic animals, such,

for instance, as the sensationalized cases of two New Brunswickers - one

convicted of killing a cat, the other of seriously neglecting his horses?

One would assume, however, that people would more strongly abhor child

abuse, most specifically of the often lethal kind directed against unborn


At the moment, we cannot even protect the health of an unborn child whose

mother is an admitted chronic glue addict, following the Supreme Court of

Canada ruling that a preborn child can only be protected if the mother has

decided against abortion.

This scandalous lack of protection for the unborn in our country was also

startingly shown in the court`s decision in the Brenda Drummond case. One

part of the transcript reads as follows: ...a pellet was removed from the

infant`s brain some 90 hours "after

he (the baby) 'became a human being'." Brenda Drummond`s actions were in

legal fact nothing but a failed abortion attempt. Pro-abortion forces even

attempted to justify her actions as a form of self-defence against an

"aggressor" or parasite.

Proposed legislation dealing with cases of pre-natal child abuse would make

it a crime for a pregnant woman knowingly to consume a substance harmful to

the child or otherwise injure it in the womb. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, there is a catch: Bill

C-372 defines a "child" as "every fetus that its mother does not have a

fixed intention to abort". As such it would enshrine in law some absolutely

absurd notions, which have been promoted for years by the pro-abortion

movement and its media allies: that a

child is a child only if we choose to recognize it as such; and that, while

it`s wrong to abuse babies, it`s okay to kill them. Don`t pollute your

unborn child`s blood, government says out of one side of its mouth, but get

rid of the entire unborn child if

you want to, and we`ll even pay for, it says from the other.

Average Canadians are upset and don`t like what they are hearing. They

don`t understand how our laws allow a pregnant glue-sniffer - who has

already brain-damaged two previous children - to escape treatment, take

drugs with impunity and injure a child for the rest of its life, or how laws

allow a woman to point a gun into her vagina and shoot her son two days

before he is born, because you are not shooting a person.

We have the totally inadmissible situation of severe punishment for animal

abuse, but one where indiscriminate maiming or killing of a full term human

fetus is permitted. This is incredible injustice. Stolen rights, depriving

preborns of their inherent

right to health care and protection, have in fact been conferred on animals.

Today, in Canada, fines and even prison await any vet caught aborting cats

and dogs. If for some reason we needed more evidence of the legal and moral

absurdities which inevitably

follow the acceptance of abortion, we have it here.

Sadly, the two cases above have not made any impression on the Government of

Canada. Here`s what the Deputy Prime Minister, Herb Gray, had to say: "We

don`t anticipate doing anything on this question at this session. We have a

very busy schedule of activities to observe and do not wish to interfere

with the government`s established program." Equally appalling were Justice

Minister Anne McLellan`s comments: "What one does is

acknowledge the very clear rights in terms of the autonomy of women. The

fetus does not have standing (and we can, therefore, abuse her without any

regards whatsoever to her welfare)." People are clearly seeing this as the

idiocy we have reached because we have no legal protection for these babies.

The average person on the street realizes the existing tremendous vacuum

regarding protection of unborn children, but it seems to

be lost on our federal government.

The Canadian Medical Association, by refusing to deal with the question of

fetal rights at its latest AGM, tacitly condones the on-going sickening

fetal abuse. Here is what Dr. André Lalonde, an executive member of the

Society of Obstetricians and

Gynecologists, had to say: "I think (this question of fetal rights) it`s

very dangerous and it could push back women`s rights to the 1930s."

Meanwhile, the human abortion trade remains untouchable, scrupulously sacred

and tax-rewarded.

It is time we destroy the illusion, created by the pro-choice movement and

their mainstream media friends, that sustains the right to poison, rip,

shred, and pulverize helpless unborn babies. 2,000 Canadian babies died

last week; do our deficit-

obsessed MPs care? If so, the adoption of a simple law unconditionally

outlawing pre-natal infanticide would indicate their concern about the

barbaric acts of aggression carried out hourly on the most helpless members

of Canadian society.

Thaddee Renault

Pro-Life Program

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