Objections are often heard when references are made to the astronomical

numbers of abortion taking place every year as an "abortion holocaust." In

reaction to such a reference I had made in a letter to the editor on

abortion, one reader replied in a

heated letter, entitled "There Has Only Been One Holocaust." In it he took

exception to my likening of Henry Morgentaler`s abortion franchise here in

Fredericton to an Auschwitz killing chamber. One can easily understand that

reader`s resentment at

seeing something which he considers a widely accepted legalized procedure in

Canada used to trivialize the awesome significance of the crimes perpetrated

against the millions of Jewish people at Auschwitz and other barbaric Nazi

killing centers. However, in our effort to frame the Holocaust as a unique

event in human history, we must not also trivialize the terrible reality of

abortion performed in abortion 'clinics' and hospital facilities throughout

the world.

No one really knows exactly how many abortions are performed in the world.

Worldwide, the United Nations conservatively estimate that close to 60

millions are sacrificed on the altars of mostly male abortionists. Added to

these acknowledged abortions are the

unreported countless millions of very early abortions caused by

abortifacients such as IUDs(Inta-Uterine Devices), the Pill, and the human

pesticide RU-486, that prevent implantation of the human embryo on the

uterine wall. These all meet the scientific,

medical, and most certainly, moral definition of abortion.

In the West, it is not exaggerated to talk in terms of genocide - a fully

acceptable expression for what can now only be considered as dying highly

industrialized countries where the birthrate has plummeted to

non-replacement levels that even aggressive

immigration policies will not be able to remedy.

In Canada unborn babies are being exterminated at a rate now of over 106,000

a year. Approximately 2 million unborn children have been destroyed in

Canada since the 1969 legal sanctioning of abortion in 1969 by Pierre

Trudeau and his overwhelmingly

Catholic cabinet.

Won`t we ever learn? As with the Jews persecuted by Nazi Germany or the

blacks slaves in the U.S., the scenario for legalizing abortion in the

affluent West was exactly the same: Supreme Court declares unborn children

as non-person; unborn is considered as

property of 'owner'; right-to-life activists should not impose their

morality on society; abortion is legal. Sad to say, many good and sincere

people acting out of different and deep religious conviction could also be

found to be on both sides of

those two social issues. The discrimination then was on the basis of

ethnicity and skin colour. Now, it is on the even weaker basis of age and

place of residence (outside of the abdominal wall as opposed to inside).

The least bit of reflection on the calamity of abortion as it is commited in

western society should easily dispel the notion that labelling abortion as a

holocaust demeans in some way the unique horrendous event that constitutes

the Holocaust. It`s primarily a

question of perspective.

I also believe Henry Morgentaler`s jewish background has justifiably been

brought into the abortion debate because of the bleak irony of having a

survivor of an evil nationalistic mentality, under which his parents were

exterminated as worthless

junk, performing similar tasks on human beings which he describes as mere

blobs of protoplasm.

Thaddee Renault

Pro-Life Program

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