You have to hand it to Henry Morgentaler, Canada`s premier abortionist,

he`ll say anything to boost his public image as a defender of women. Such

was the case a while

back on a CBC radio talk show. Anyone listening to the interview that

morning couldn`t help, as I was, but be amazed by the sheer pomposity and

arrogance of a defiant Morgentaler, who unquestionably holds the world

record for vacuuming mother`s wombs. "I have been personally responsible

for some 100,000 abortions in Canada, and I`m quite proud

of this accomplishment... This is my calling in life, it`s my art"! His

self-praise truly bordered on megalomania, one reminiscent of others in

recent history who strutted their military might and boasted shamelessly

about their ghoulish deeds, also invoking humanism.

The true measure, however, of this dedicated abortionist can be found in his

insistence that "I should be given a medal for the compassionate service I

have performed for women in this country". One could almost detect in his

longing for universal approval the vision of a Nobel Prize. Move over

Mother Teresa... We cannot judge the moral dimension of a person, it is

true, but we sure can judge actions.

Morgentaler again tried to make the connection between pro-life activism and

religion. The pro-life movement recognizes absolutely the necessity for

separation of State and religion. It doesn`t want the State to be

Christian, it only asks it to be human. In one contradictory statement after

another, Morgentaler made it evident to his listeners that he realizes very

well he is dealing with human life. Such statements as "more and more

human", "...it only becomes a pre-born sometimes in the second semester",

etc. are biologically as well as philosophically ludicrous. What dictionary

does he consult to

categorically state that the 'products of conception' are not babies? The

first definition for child in the Concise Oxford Dictionary (5th edition)

is: the unborn or newborn human being.

Morgentaler was correct in saying that the right of a woman to control her

own body is precisely the right that the Supreme Court of Canada created in

1988. But it is a specious, mendacious, and poisonous right. What

legitimate right requires for its exercise the infliction of pain and death

on innocent human life - a right that everytime it is exercised someone dies?

When Henry Morgentaler says, as he did in that interview, that many women in

Canada were not able to get abortion services they should have been entitled

to in the past, he is actually saying that "had I been more accessible to

women, a lot of children now in school would not be there!" Let`s all look

around us among our families, friends

and ask ourselves who that could have been.

Morgentaler notwithstanding, abortion is a moral issue: It`s about the

taking of innocent life and about the limits to which humans can go

interfering in other human beings` rights, both before and after birth.

It is also important for fanatic supporters of abortion, like Morgentaler,

to be able to present, as he did in the interview, their opponents as

maniacs. If people can be persuaded of this, pro-abortionists can get out

of answering the difficult question which confronts them: Why is the killing

of a human fetus not the taking of human life?

I quite agree with Morgentaler that abortion shouldn`t be illegal. It should

in fact be unthinkable. Prolifers believe that abortion is our most crucial

human rights issue, and any citizen has the right to express opposition to

this tragedy, without becoming the object of scorn on the part of this

militant abortionist and his admiring supporters.

One last observation concerning this depressing interview. Morgentaler said

he was not a wealthy man. If that`s the case, his financial advisors must

be ripping him off, for it is known from official sources that his abortuary

in Toronto received $3 million

from the pro-abort NDP provincial government in 1992. Add to this the

revenue from his many other Canadian abortion mills and you will find that

abortion, as he executes them, is indeed an exceedingly profitable business,

most of it financed by Canadian citizens.

Thaddee Renault

Pro-Life Program

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