It is a sobering thought to realize that, soon, an entire generation will

have come to maturity never knowing a time when children did not have to

thank their parents for not killing them. Abortion on demand has now settled

into the very marrow of our western secular culture. It almost defies

rational thought that a nation such as Canada could change in less than a

generation into a giant human abatoir in which every third baby

conceived in our country is knifed, poisoned, starved, choked or dismembered?

Much of this sea of change in the respect formally given to pre-natal life can

be put at the feet of the influencial Woman`s Liberation Movement which has

established its secular church on the rock of unrestricted abortion. Much

of it also can be blamed

on our Supreme Court which still clings to the flat earth credo that the

unborn child is merely a part of his mother`s body. But most of the

responsibility has to be attributed to the actions of our own federal

government which opened the flood gates of abortion in 1969, when a Catholic

prime minister and a cabinet made up in majority of Catholic ministers,

passed legislation which paved the way for the legalized killing of children

at any time before birth. As a result, about 2 million preborn children

have been killed in Canada since that date, and many women shamefully

exploited and irreparably harmed.

The greatest myth abortionists and their pro-choice supporters have

succeeded in entrenching in the public mind in the intervening years is that

legal abortion is safe, even safer, than other common forms of surgery. In

objective terms this is true. But this is due exclusively to the kinds of

patients who submit themselves to abortion. In other surgical procedures,

the patient may be old and/or deathly ill or injured, while abortion

patients are always relatively young and normally in good health. In fact

it has been observed that a woman is never more healthy in life than when

she is pregnant. It is also true that clinic abortions would also be

considered safer (although this is seldom the case) than those executed in

hospitals. The rationale here is that hospitals will do the risky abortions

that abortion clinics would never even consider.

But the stark reality is that after more than twenty five years of

legalization in the U.S. and some 30 years in Canada, the abortion industry

has yet to approach even minimal safety standards, and women are being

butchered because of it. If you believe nothing else about the abortion

industry, believe this: Anytime you see a statistical chart about injury,

sexual assault, or death in abortion clinics, the person who compiled that

chart either is very misinformed or is lying. Under the current system,

there is absolutely no definitive way to have accurate information on this

subject, and without profound systemic changes there never will be.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the now reformed abortion advocate mainly responsible

for legalizing abortion on demand in the U.S., was once asked to do a study

in New York of the then largest and 'best' abortion clinic in the world.

The exasperated clinic

administrator told Nathanson that the doctors were "atrocious...sadists,

drunks, incompetents, sex maniacs, thieves, butchers, and lunatics...half of

them don`t even wash their hands anymore before doing an abortion, let alone

scrubbing. They refuse to use masks or caps, and their mustaches are

literally dragging into the suction machines." When Nathanson inspected the

facility he found that it was chaotic, crowded, inadequately lighted,

ill-equipped, poorly run, poorly staffed, dirty, operating with no

back-up emergency hospital, and showed callous disdain for the women it

'counselled' (and aborted).

Investigating an abortion-related death in this same abortion clinic

sometime later, health inspectors found conditions in it so appalling that

they wouldn`t be tolerated in a veterinary clinic. Clearly no one who cared

about the women they treated would have allowed this sort of thing to go on.

Consider that the man (yes, a man) responsible for killing the woman

performed 10 additional abortions afterward. Despite having just seen a

19-year-old girl lose her life because of his incompetence, he immediately

resumed his normal routine.

Contrast that to a situation a few years back when a promising boxer killed

an opponent in the ring. Although he intellectually knew that it was not his

fault, this man was so unnerved by the experience that he was unable to even

talk about the experience and had to stop boxing. Unlike the above

abortionist, this prizefighter - a man whom many would label as violent -

had enough humanity in him to be traumatized by having participated

in the taking of another human being`s life.

Both the Canadian and American abortion industries fiercely resist

regulation or policing by government and even want courts to rule that

government oversight of abortion is an unconstitutional infringement on a

woman`s right to abortion.

Generally, the argument is that regulation would drive the cost up and deny

some women access to abortion services. In effect what the abortion industry

wants is not "safe and legal" abortions, but "cheap and legal" ones.

Consider the American National Abortion Federation which represents most of

the abortion clinics in the U.S. It publishes standards of conduct for

abortion clinics; however, it has never implemented a system to monitor

whether its facilities are following these standards as it lacks both power

and the will to enforce them.

An abortion clinic killed at least two women during botched abortions in

1989. Barbary Radford, executive director of the American National Abortion

Federation, admitted being aware of this but decided to remain silent. By

admitting that they knew of these instances and yet remained silent in the

hope that "the media wouldn`t find out", these pro-choice activists were

really saying that they are willing to sacrifice women to protect their

political agenda.

Abortuaries truly represent humanity`s negation of God`s creation. Here in

New Brunswick, if truth be know, Hell exists at 88 Ferry Rd., in

Fredericton. Sad to say, it also has been given existence in some of our

provincial hospitals which boasts of

committing 624 abortions in 1995 (the most recent figure available).

Thaddee Renault

Pro-Life Program