The three major priorities of abortion 'clinics' have been clearly expressed by a former employee of Canada`s celebrated abortionist, Henry Morgentaler.  Simply stated they are:


When we look back at the 60`s, we see that by that time women had benefited from medical advances enabling even those with severe heart disease or diabetes to have children. Doctors who had been doing abortion, and had until then been able to use vague medical grounds to justify their baby killing work, were becoming afraid to expose themselves to serious criminal charges. Considering the moral context of the time, this was almost a certainty, and abortionists knew they needed to get the law changed - the welfare of women being the furthest thing away from their mind. Along came that self-proclaimed Canadian Paladin of women`s rights, Henry Morgentaler, who with a lot of help from pro-abortion feminists, packed juries, sympathetic courts and spineless governments - wiped out the protection existing until then for vulnerable pregnant women and their unborn babies.

This man - who, until the late 80`s, was able to complete his daily schedule of a maximum 18 abortions by 5:30 - has always professed to speak for the women of Canada. Even with his total disregard for women`s health and well-being amply documented, no one in our so-called enlightened national media has wondered why he didn`t let women speak for themselves. A recent biography by a supportive pro-choice female author, which describes in unflattering details his womanizing and misogynistic behaviour, would seem to provide a plausible explanation.

What sensitivity for women`s well-being can be attributed to a man who, after being told by the director of his Vancouver 'clinic' that its caseload was limited to about eight abortions a day, complained: "Why can`t they do fifteen?...their counselling is much too long."

Morgentaler`s 'just get the money' attitude has made him a very wealthy man. It is known from official sources that his abortuary in Toronto received $3 million from the pro-abort NDP provincial government in 1992 (more recent figures are unavailable to me). Add to this the revenue from his many other Canadian abortion mills and you will find that abortion, as he executes them, is indeed an exceedingly profitable business - a baby-killing enterprise mostly financed by Canadian citizens. Moreover, one of his professed goals has always been to teach other physicians "how to do to open a clinic and make a lot of money."

The Morgentaler strategy, which makes enemies of mother and child, has been devastatingly effective. Every day, more than 300 women are lured into Canada`s abortuaries where people like him kill their babies. Please, read this as a life taken every six minutes by abortion! And this horrendous slaughter is carried out in a country whose government prides itself with having abolished "on principle" the death penalty for the likes of Clifford Olson and Paul Bernardo.

In the words of a searing denounciation expressed by Ingrid Krueger, executive director of Alliance Action (Canada`s umbrella pro-life organization), "Right now a child nestled in her mother`s womb has the same legal status and moral standing as a Big Mac in her mother`s stomach."

And, from what we read and hear, the butcher from Montreal still fervently upholds this view of unborn babies as meat. New Brunswickers only have to harken back to an interview Morgentaler gave in June of 1995 - on the occasion of the first anniversary of his Fredericton abortion 'clinic' - in which he proudly declared in a CBC radio interview with a sympathetic and mesmerized Dalton Camp: "I have been personally responsible for some 100,000 abortions in Canada, and I`m quite proud of this accomplishment... This is my calling in life, it`s my art"! And, one would want to add: "My gold mine in Canada!"

Thaddée Renault

Pro-Life Program

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