("Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here")

Abortion clinics have become the new backwater of medicine, populated by

shady operators who favor high-volume business over the wellbeing of their

vulnerable, often frightened patients. In the abortion field where women are

vulnerable and in a crisis situation, it is easier to get greedy and

unethical physicians. Abortion clinic operators claim a very low

complication rate; but as patients leave shortly after the operation, and

take any subsequent problems to hospitals, clinic records cannot be

considered complete.

Abortionists are a sorry lot. Slaughtering unborn babies seems to have

burned a hole in their souls, out of which has seeped away those qualities

that enable us to be fully human, the greatest of which is to love our

neighbors as ourselves. One abortion clinic

manager`s comments are revealing: "I have dealt with too many abortion

doctors over the years to judge them harshly. After performing abortions,

many abortionists suffer from depression, isolation, physical illness,

nightmares, stress, anger, and bizarre behaviours. I have watched the

emotional burnouts, sadly witnessed the drug and alcohol addictions that

have afflicted more than a few. The most technically proficient usually are

saddled with eccentric personalities and stunted social skills."

Mainstream media make a big fuss about violence perpetrated against

abortionists. It is worth keeping in mind that the U.S. toll in three years

is five dead and six injured during a period of time when the U.S.

experienced between 45,OOO to 50,000 murders.

In Canada, outside of a minor conviction, there has yet to be a conviction

against a pro-lifer on an abortion-related charge of violence.

On this question of violence against abortionists, how would people view

some of the recent attacks if the abortuaries were, let us say, removal

centres for people over 75 rather than for preborn babies?

It is notable that none of the incidents of abortion-related violence in the

U.S. were linked; the persons convicted for committing them were not

associated with each other, nor were they members of mainstream pro-life

groups when they carried out their acts. Attacks were carried out by "lone


Many more women have been killed and injured by abortionists in the U.S. in

the last several years than abortionists killed and injured. Atrocities on

the abortion side are only lightly reported in the strongly pro-abortion

mainline press.

One has to marvel at society`s ability to close its mind to the horrors of

the abortuary, to the gruesome, body-part-filled facts of late-term

abortion, and to the mounting carnage inside our clinics and hospitals. I`ve

seen real-life video images of babies after an abortion. Forget politics,

forget religion, forget feminism, forget men, forget everything - these

pictures alone would sicken everyone to their stomach and scream out for

justice. Anyone, yes anyone, who has viewed on documented videos the

graphic remains of abortions - those "products of conception" - will

recognize without any doubt whatsoever the humanity of the child and see the

dismembering process of abortion for the barbaric act of infanticide it is.

Remains of abortions in Morgentaler`s abortuaries are carried away in

containers (i.e. large cardboard boxes labelled: "Medical Services.

Regulated Medical Waste"). These are the dismembered bodies of tiny

murdered babies being taken off to be discarded as

garbage. What if one of those boxes opened up and cast its contents on a

busy thoroughfare? Just imagine the horror and shock on the part of those

many travellers.

Abortion will disappear when all abortionists are recognized for

demonstrating a depraved attitude towards human life, and physicians are

prevented from harming any of their patients, including the ones just

waiting to be born.

Canada has more legalized abortuaries per capita than any other country on

the planet. Remember also that, shamefully, the legalization and

establishment of abortion was undertaken by the federal Liberal Party and a

Catholic Prime Minister.

Thaddée Renault

Pro-Life Program

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