To many, this page title may reek of journalistic sensationalism.

Certainly, all the gobbledegook we are hearing these days about

out-of-control overpopulation and the irremediable environmental damage

stemming from too many people, would lead one to believe just the opposite.

But, the evidence is irrefutable: we are witnessing in Quebec the collective

suicide of a whole people who thinks diddling with constitutional changes

will assure them of a lasting prosperous future. Although a similar

sinister fate also awaits all of the

Western nations, Quebec is most likely to witness its realisation in the

short term. As with these countries, the problem had its roots in the

acceptance and promotion of recreational sex and birth control during the

Sexual Revolution. And it was seriously

aggravated with the opening in Montreal of the first ever abortion 'clinic'

in Canada. Today, Quebec aborts almost 30 babies for every 100 live births!

A country can die. It doesn`t die from poverty, nor from wealth, but it can

die in full prosperity. That seems to be the case with French Canada.

Along with Spain and Italy, "le Canada fleurdelysé", so prolific in days

gone by, beats the sterility world record. Some of Quebec`s political

leaders have recognized the beginning of French Canada`s inexorable descent

into a demographic twilight. It`s current leader, Lucien Bouchard, brought

attention to this disturbing fact during his last election campaign when he

stressed the importance for Quebec of increasing its natality rate. This

suggestion was quickly lambasted by Quebec`s media elites as patronizing and

sexist and deeply offended then Premier Daniel Johnson`s wife who peevishly

asked: "Is he telling Quebec women to have children? How arrogant of him!"

That was enough to silence Bouchard who immediately reverted back to strictly

politically correct pronouncements.

English North America and European nations are just as gravely threatened by

the same demographic winter which is settling in Quebec, albeit in a longer

term. Like the latter, they have apparently made a decision that

child-bearing is not in their

best interest. They are still blind to the profound consequences attached to

this decision which have even now become quite evident. Starting in 1999,

claims the United Nations, Europe`s population will start declining steadily

each year for the next

50 years.

In Germany the total fertility rate has fallen to 1.3 (2.1 is necessary to

sustain a population); in Italy to 1.2. At this rate Italy will disappear in

200 years. Another 30 or 40 years at the current fertility level will mean

that Italy`s population will be

reduced by one-third. In this same period, Quebec`s population could fall

to less than 3.5 million (currently about 7.3 million) - most of it

English-speaking! The anti-baby mentality is indeed a terrible disease

depriving Quebec, Canada and countries in the West of their richest asset, a

next generation.

Unfortunately it is impossible to stop a process, which has been developing

for so many years, with a wave of the magic wand. The great unity the West

has been searching so desperately to realize has come about: we finally

find ourselves the tomb. But, isn`t this the logical future for

nations that kill almost half of their children in the womb?

The West`s pitiful decline into oblivion is possibly what Our Lady was

predicting at Fatima when she said: "Whole nations will disappear." It must

also have been on Pope John Paul`s mind when he warned, "the future of the

world stands in peril unless wiser

people are forthcoming." But the murderous population controllers of the

globe don`t have a clue what wisdom is. They have discarded the beginning of

wisdom: fear of God. Instead, they are fearful of forthcoming generations.

They are afraid of babies!

We Knights and all Canadians need to pray for an end to abortion and, when

we do, we must also pray for an end to contraception, sterilization, and an

increase in the birthrate. Immigrants are fine and should be welcome, but

the homegrown product has to come first for a nation to perpetuate itself.

Quebec is slowly learning this to its great sorrow, as all Canadians will

soon also realize.

Thaddee Renault

Pro-Life Program