Every year, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) doesn`t miss its

chance to hype International Women`s Day by featuring feminist activists of

every imaginable stripe. This year was no exception, as we were treated to

an overflow of fawning interviews with the cream of the feminist crop. One

interesting radio item featured a former professor of Women`s Studies and a

feminist writer and health policy consultant for Women Studies.

Women`s Studies departments are a new and growing phenomenon nowadays in our

larger universities. Women registered in these pseudo-intellectual

faculties are soon exposed to a raft of feminist and lesbian instructors who

translate support for women into anti-male diatribes and the cultivation of

a lasting mistrust of traditional values. The current holder of a

prestigious chair in Women`s Studies at Simon Fraser University

has openly and unashamedly expresses her desire to turn her university

department into a spin-doctoring outlet for radical feminism: "My teaching

goal at SFU is to bridge the gap between Women`s Studies as an academic

discipline and the activism of the women`s movement; to bring the two

together." Need I add that girls just don`t get accepted in these

departments if they refuse to subscribe to the "abortion on demand" dogma.

On that popular evening news program, on March 8, we were treated to a

15-minute victimization and oppression whine which revealed, oh so clearly,

the mindset of these very unhappy ladies who must undoubtedly be their own

worst problem. With the not so subtle prodding of the female host, both

said that they considered the defining social advancement of the last 30

years to have been the acquisition of abortion on demand, a victory which

the former poster girl of liberation feminism, Norma McCorvey - a.k.a. Jane

Roe - now says literally handed women the right to slaughter their own


For these ladies to see the Supreme Court of Canada 1988 decision to

decriminalize abortion as a fundamentally needed change and a great gain for

women is to contemptuously view women as wombs to be deactivated - a dream

compliant feminists have now realized for all those men in search of a

sexually irresponsible lifestyle.

Such radical feminists - who pretend to represent the millions of Canadian

women and whom the CBC views as the quintessential women - have been the

architect of a truly anti-women feminist ideology which, by advising women

to abort to improve their financial situation or in order to keep their job,

is telling them to trade their children for money, food or other

self-gratifying needs. How can women possibly see this as a dignified

approach to achieving social equality with men? To ask the question is to

answer it.

It was also revealing to hear these two raging feminists of the

gender-confused breed (I`m not making this up: they teach that gender can

mean the portrayal of sexuality as a choice on a spectrum of five sexes,

including homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals) rejecting the values and

cultural traditions of their parents and grandparents as inhibiting or

oppressive propaganda.

Most of us would indeed agree that abortion was and still is a defining

event. It`s very unfortunate, however, that the producers of all those

network programs chose not to have a representative of the millions of

Canadian women who hold a vastly different opinion from what was aired that


I think that these women are merely pursuing chimera when they decide to

ignore scientific studies showing that an average of nearly eleven years

after their abortions, over 50% of women report having undergone a dramatic

personality change following

their abortions - of which about 80% report a negative change. This

dramatic reaction, which CBC and the mainstream media deliberately won`t

tackle, is called post-abortion trauma and a very difficult thing for

feminist activists who have undergone abortions to acknowledge.

The question was posed in a rhetorical fashion by the newscaster host: "Have

we really come a long way, baby?" Nobody would deny the progress women have

made in the last 30 years; however, until they start refusing to offer their

children on the altar of

abortion to meet social goals imposed by a patriarchal (how I hate that

word!) system, I would daresay "you still have a long way to go, baby!"

Thaddee Renault

Pro-life Program