As Knights of Columbus, we should all have the opportunity at least once a

year to reflect on how much we remain committed to our pro-life apostolate

work. Christmas and Easter provide us with the occasion each year to think

about humanity`s effort 2000 years ago to destroy God. Some put Him to death, crucified Him

on His cross. But, on the threshold of the Third Millenium, we still continue to

crucify Him in His persecuted family, in His Church, in His weakest and in

His most vulnerable members, the unborn, the disabled, the chronically ill

and the elderly.

Abortion and euthanasia can only be perceived as diabolical efforts to

destroy God. They are the closest thing to actual deicide, a destruction of

God`s plan on earth. To destroy another human being is a slap in God`s face

and to let that go on, to sit around and worry about other things, not to fight it, is not to be

soldiers of Christ, as Knights we claim to be. Think of it. We often wonder how

people living under the corrupt nazi and communist regime could be silent

and even cooperate with their evil leaders' mass killings of innocent

citizens. Yet we seem to have no great problem reconciling ourselves with a

Canadian government that condones the murder of a pre-born child every five

minutes through abortion.

The realization that the last five Catholic Prime Ministers of Canada have

supported abortion, is a public disgrace for which we Catholics have to bow

our heads in shame.

The abortion battle will only be won when the hearts and minds of people

have been won. Our spiritual leaders are called upon to lead this battle to

win those hearts and minds. Speaking out frankly on the prevailing anti-life

ethics is essential to begin this process.

It is extremely important for churches to educate congregations and

communities about both abortion and the new threat to human life from

"assisted suicide". Churches provide a natural teaching environment on moral

issues. Catholic religious leaders and all believing members of their

churches, particularly Knights, have a moral obligation to

speak out on these two public policy issues. Our pastors need to take a

clear and aggressive leadership role articulating the core arguments

surrounding both these issues. Our churches are key to this ongoing

education process. There is absolutely no doubt that ABORTION WOULD


There are those who, rightly or wrongly, perceive some elements of the

Church as busy walking little old ladies across the street on social justice

issues while on the sidewalk a child is getting punched and savagely beaten.

If it was two-year-old children getting hacked to death with a knife

everyone in society would be down at the abortion clinic trying to stop it.

The point is that it shouldn`t make a difference to us if the child is two

months old in the womb or two years old in his crib.

Some church leaders look at direct public protest, such as goes on outside

Morgentaler's abortuary in Fredericton, as needless intervention and even

"un-Christlike". At least this is what one of the picketers was told by his

parish priest whom he had turned to for advice.

Compassion and love must not be confused with

timidity and compromise. To remain silent in the midst of evil is to side with that

evil. To do nothing, to say nothing, is to allow the dead to lie unattended

on the roadside. For every reason that a woman gives for having an abortion

someone gives the same reason for not standing up against it. Such as: "I`m

too busy...I can`t afford it...It`s not convenient...It`s not my

calling...It`s my life...What will people think?" The Bible assures us that

everytime someone stands up to talk against evil, something good always results.

Let us ask God to forgive us for allowing the widespread acceptance of

abortion to corrupt our country. Let us ask Him to help us face the abortion

issue and its victims with courage and compassion.

How will it be done.

...First and foremost, by faithful prayer. Then by supporting morally and

financially struggling organizations like the Birthright and Crisis

Pregnancy Centers in the province.

...By encouraging our clergy to transmit the culture of life which our

beloved Pope asks all true Christians to do.

...By speaking out against the serious attacks on the family and the unborn

child which stem from the heavy promotion by every conceivable media of

recreational sex, pre-marital sex, trial marriages, multiple marriages and

same sex marriages.

Our kids won`t survive in the sea of perversity engulfing them and need to

be taught the virtues which will allow them to survive and be happy, such as

faithfulness, chastity and concern for others. Don`t count on professional

educators to do this for you, for

chances are the current teachings of moral relativism will only be

reinforced. The responsibility is yours and it is a grave one. The family,

sad to say, has been pretty well left to its own devices in convincing

people of the three worst evils of our

culture of death: abortion, euthanasia and active homosexuality. We must

recommit ourselves as Knights to help the family and our clergy put an end

to the Canadian abortion holocaust of the 100,000 tiny innocent babies who

end their lives as "medical

waste products."

We have the results of a State Council questionnaire on what we, as New

Brunswick Knights, believe are the factors responsible for the great

scarcity of vocations to the priesthood. Abortion wasn`t mentioned as one

possible reason. But, just ask yourselves: how many vocations to religious

life would be among those 45,000 Catholic children legally put to death each

year in Canada. A good educated guess is about 52. Think of it. Every

week 1 future priest, sister or brother in Canada is discarded as

hospital medical waste or thrown into the abortuaries` garbage cans.

We all need a small bit of that spirit which motivates Fr. Tony Van Hee,

that courageous pro-life priest who has been picketing in front of the

Parliament of Canada since 1988 because of his very strong conviction that

abortion is the greatest evil in history apart from the death of Christ.

We Knights have to pray and fight everyday for a society that will protect

unborn children so that our children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren

can grow up in a society, unlike ours, that does not murder. Brother

Knights, there just isn`t any

other way.

Thaddée Renault

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