The slippery descent on the abortion slope has truly become a veritable

landslide into madness. The abortion lobby in both Canada and the United

States has reached the extreme of apparently defending any abortion, no

matter how advanced the pregnancy and no matter how developed the child.

How utterly bizarre that in both countries it is perfectly legal to deliver

a late term infant feet first, stab the baby in the base of the skull,

insert a suction tube and suck out the babys brain - a procedure medically

defined as "partial-birth

abortion." There is one reason and one reason only to perform this

procedure, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and that is to deliver a

dead baby.

How does the public reconcile its outrage at the news of teens dumping their

newly born babies in trash cans or flushing them down the toilet and remain

silent on this grisly procedure - or, as President Clinton has done twice

already, even veto a ban on

it - that is never medically necessary, and done on healthy mothers carrying

healthy babies?

One thing is obvious, the committment of the medical profession to abortion,

the dedication of courts and accomodating legislators to oblige abortion

advocates no matter what they demand, far outsteps the wish of the people

who overwhelmingly still want strict limits imposed on abortion.

Partial-birth abortion is best described as the delivery of a child followed

by an act of horror. It is unbelievable that anyone born, raised, and

educated in this country could participate in such a barbaric ritual. This

method is among abortion procedures freely practiced here in Canada, and our

tax dollars help pay for every one. Partial-birth abortion, like all

abortions, destroys the life of a child and tortures women both mentally and

physically in ways never imagined by the abortion lobby pushing for

legalization of abortion some 30 years ago.

If our doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians can be party to the

brutalities inherent to these late-term abortions with not a hint of regret,

then the moral corruption of these professions is frightening indeed.

The ban on partial-birth abortion instituted by many U.S. states have been

strongly and, in many cases, successfully overturned by courts. It

absolutely boggles the mind that we`ve arrived at such a low point in

today`s so-called civilized western society that it is necessary for courts

to determine whether or not we should allow the killing of babies during

delivery. The horror of partial-birth abortion is virtually beyond

imagination. It marks a new low of depravity by those advocating abortion.

Try defending, if you can, the act of plunging scissors into the backs of

heads of live babies whose entire torsos are outside their mothers` wombs

and then sucking out that child`s brains.

The world needs to take notice of this savagery and to denounce it as an

abomination. This loathsome slaugher each year of innocent babies is the

culmination of the basic abortion "rights" tenet of an unlimited "right" to

a dead baby.

Nobody knows how many partially born babies are killed each year, but the

number may run into the thousands in the US and perhaps into the hundreds in

Canada. William Jefferson Clinton has the power to save the lives of many

of those babies, but he intends, instead, to use his veto power to prevent

them from coming under the protection of the law. It would seem that this

president can find redeeming value in a killing technique that can best be

compared to the barbaric manner in which victims are snuffed in

slasher films. Presidential aspirant, Steve Forbes expresses it perfectly:

"It`s see the President of the U.S. so devoid of any

genuine moral sense and fiber." Unfortunately the liberal media have made

themselves willing accomplices of his by consciously not emphasizing the

brutality and horrifying moral implications of this abortion technique.

Even the most diehard pro-abortion feminists know that a partial-birth

abortion is a ghastly atrocity. That`s why it can`t be discussed fully and

frankly in public and its procedures shown in detail on television. It has

to be sanitized with words like

"pro-choice" or "abortion rights." The reality of a doctor taking a baby

from her mother and mashing up her brains with scissors is so awful that it

cannot even be admitted into debate. It is so bad, that even the killers

cannot admit what they are doing.

Some have been quick to fall for President Clinton`s trivialization of

partial-birth abortion. Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura in a recent interview

said he wouldn't support a

partial-birth abortion ban. "That's like having the Legislature determine

when someone can have an appendectomy," he said.

But, despite all this, there now appears to be light at the end of the

tunnel. For the first time, with the advent of partial-birth abortion,

people are looking beyond the cheap sophistry and self-serving rhetoric of

the abortion industry, and they are

connecting the dots. The soft underbelly of the abortion industry is now

being fully exposed. On reflection, people will ask themselves if it is

shocking and inhumane to jam scissors and a vacuum hose into the head of a

partially delivered baby, why is

it any less violent, shocking, and inhumane to dismember the bodies of

children with surgical knives, or to dislodge and destroy babies with

hideous suction machines (20 to 30 times more powerful than a household

vacuum cleaner), or to pump dangerous chemical compounds, including

extremely high-concentrated salt water, into the unborn babies` environment

so as to poison the child?

There is a striking passage in Dostoyevsky`s 'Crime and Punishment': "Man

can get used to anything, the beast!" Partial-birth abortion is certainly

the ultimate confirmation of this affirmation.

Vivat Jesus!

Thaddee Renault