In view of the mass murder of abortion taking place in our country, why aren`t there millions of Christians marching on abortion clinics, demanding that they close?

During the Nazi era in Germany, there existed a self-induced blindness to what was happening to the Jews. Now we recognized that even silent opposition on their part was not enough. When barbarous evil is going on, those present have a moral duty to speak out, even act.

We here in Canada comfort ourselves with the thought that such hypocrisy (i.e. the Germans claiming ignorance of the holocaust) and cowardice could never happen here. But we conveniently ignore the abortion holocaust in our midst. The undeniable fact is that we here are acting as idle spectators in the presence of mass murder.

Let us not point with accusing fingers at the German people of half a century ago and shrilly denounce them for idly sitting by while 6 million "unwanted" Jews went to their deaths. Let us look first at our response to the millions of innocent "unwanted" unborn put to death today, and realize that the unborn in this country are suffering a persecution which follows the same basic sociological patterns as other persecutions - and then let us instead quietly ask for mercy and forgiveness.

Certainly, it cannot be questioned that abortion, like the historical examples of genocide, deliberately takes place as far away from the public eye as possible. It wouldn`t be as popular if all of us could see what the abortionist sees. It is often said that if there was a window into the womb, there would be very few abortions. Because abortions are performed in places that are walled off from the public, nearly 60 million unborn are killed worldwide each year in complete anonymity. As everywhere else, abortion in Canada is our "dirty little secret", hidden away from public scrutiny.

Keeping in mind that genocide often thrives in secrecy, Christians must continue to publicly protest and expose what goes on in abortion clinics. Most, if not all, people would be horrified to see an actual abortion on television. The point should be made, for those sensitive souls (most always pro-choice feminists) who might object being shown those pictures of dismembered fetuses, that questions of taste must pale before issues of genocide. We have a responsibility to show the truth and also to demand it be shown. We are all indeed, brother Knights, each of us, our brother`s keeper!

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