I intend in my next few articles to expose some of the unpublicized horrors

which the Planned Parenthood organization has wrought on North Americans -

in fact the whole world, through it`s sinister influence on the United


Pro-lifers who have studied this ungodly body have described it in a variety

of mostly uncomplimentary terms. However, the one I think which best

characterizes Planned Parenthood comes from a good friend who wrote:

"Planned Parenthood is not a yeast to make things grow, but a virus loose on

Mankind." I hope today to be able to effectively develop this idea with you

through an examination of the deceitful images it projects of itself.

What Planned Parenthood never brags about is that it operates the world`s

largest chain of abortion mills. It`s over 900 U.S. clinics perform or refer

for over 230,000 abortions each year - a staggering loss of life. It also

spends millions of dollars

lobbying and litigating against even the most modest safeguards. Thus, it

fights efforts to have its clinics meet the same medical standards as other

ambulatory clinics, as well as any attempt to make literature on fetal

development and the possible physical and psychological risks of abortion

available to women 24 hours before their abortion. Also vigorously opposes

is any requirement for an ultrasound prior to an abortion. All these

requirements are considered by Planned Parenthood as a staggering burden on


A reflection of Planned Parenthood`s appalling attitude toward giving birth

can be seen in a December`96 U.S. advertisement: "Babies are loud, smelly,

and expensive. Unless you want one. We exist to make sure babies are both

planned and wanted. To discuss birth control or plan a pregnancy, call us

today." Planned Parenthood creates an excuse for people to look at children

like an unwelcome burden rather than as a gift from God, as intruders who

make us change our almighty plans.

Planned Parenthood`s approach to birth control represents an enormous sham

and one that would appear designed to provide them with clients for

commercial abortions. It shouldn`t be surprising, however, that an

organization which is so determined to let women shred their prenatal babies

by abortion would be equally resolved to deceive their clients on

contraception. In an April, 1991, letter to the Wall Street Journal, the

medical director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Dr. Louise

Tyler clearly stated what is responsible for the overwhelming majority of

unplanned pregnancies: "More than three million unplanned pregnancies occur

each year to American women; two-thirds of these are due to contraceptive

failure." Dr. Malcolm Potts, former "Medical Director" of the International

Planned Parenthood Federation: "As people turn to contraception, there will

be a rise, not a fall, in the abortion rate... No society

has controlled its fertility...without recourse to a significant number of

abortions. In fact, abortion is often the starting place in the control of


Experience shows that the more we use contraception, the more we resort to

abortion. There is a vicious circle at work here. Planned Parenthood admits

this is true; yet their response is to push contraception even more!

Illogical, yes; but also lucrative!

We mustn`t forget, as mentioned previously, that Planned Parenthood isn`t

just in the contraception business - they`re world leaders in the baby

killing industry, too.

For evil to prevail lies must predominate, and nowhere can we see this maxim

better illustrated than in the Planned Parenthood network. No one knows

about this better than Judie Brown from the American Life League, who says:

"Planned Parenthood...has blatantly lied in order to redefine the reality of

motherhood and the existence of the child in the womb...You can only dress

up murder-for-profit in so many ways."

Planned Parenthood has even taken upon itself to change medically defined

concepts of disease to render some of the inevitable consequences of their

"counselling" less frightening to the adolescents they deliberately deceive.

For example, Planned

Parenthood of Canada has announced that it will no longer be using the term

STD (sexually transmitted diseases) but will speak instead of STI (sexually

transmitted infection). The fact is that many of these "infections" are not

curable and will recur

throughout an individual`s lifetime.

Planned Parenthood Canada - a creature spawn by international Planned

Parenthood - has always denied any link to the abortion industry - another

fraudulent claim. The March`97 issue of the Canadian Pro-Life News reveals

that the national president of the

Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada, Barbara Hestrin, was helping run a

Vancouver abortion clinic, and possibly conducting her Planned Parenthood

work out of a taxpayer-funded hospital.

Planned Parenthood has impregnated society with its permissive sexual

philosophy. It constantly connives to infiltrate governments` health and

education departments, to promote explicit sex education, contraception and

abortion; sadly, it is making devastating inroads in this respect.

Planned Parenthood causes death, disease and sorrow, but nevertheless has a

constant flow of governmental money to continue its sad toll on families

worldwide. Perversely, it creates a demand for lucrative abortions by the

sale of government-subsidized contraceptives, which in itself reaps gigantic

profits. Few yet realize its insidious nature and horrific impact on

society as the behemoth of the abortion industry, as owner of the biggest

chain of abortion factories in the world, and responsible for committing

nearly two and a half million abortions in the U.S. in the last 30 years!

What is also

never discussed is that this unbelievable carnage has swallowed a staggering

$3.9 billion of federal, state and local tax dollars.

Perhaps the single most powerful barrier to stopping Planned Parenthood is

that the average citizen believes the organization is caring, professional,

and credible. The facts belie this. As Knights - all 1.6 million of us - we

should use our considerable

resources to try and remove this barrier to rescuing the countless thousands

of unborn babies threatened by this satanic industry.

Thaddee Renault

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