The picture offered in the following article of Canada`s anti-hero, Henry
might not be considered a charitable one by some and could offend by its
one-dimensional presentation. Christians are expected to not cause harm to
the moral
reputation of persons, regardless of their behaviour. But there is also an
urgent need to
unmask deliberate deceit where one finds it, even if this becomes harmful to
established reputation in society. Such is my dilemma today.

Mainstream Canadian media, almost without exception, overwhel-mingly promote
fallacy that Henry Morgentaler is a secular saint whose services represent a
contribution to the welfare of women. Yet, once-upon-a-time, the media were
fair and
accurate in dealing with his career, and a number of well researched
articles have been
printed. The record, therefore, is before the public and will merely be
repeated here.

An Environic poll published by a pro-choice organization in the spring of
1998 found that
78% of Canadians are satisfied with the fact that the country is without any
regulating abortion.
Canada is being rapidly extinguished by abortion and contraception and its
seemingly can`t find anything better to do than to applaud! The situation
is made still
worse by the press showering laurels on one of the most celebrated
architects of this
decadence of Christendom, this holocaust of Canadian children nestled in
their mother`s
womb. The media generally view Henry Morgentaler as one of the greatest
humanists of
our time, a belief only made possible by a shameful orchestration of public

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as well as most major private
and radio networks practice what could easily be described as media
prostitution when it
comes to dealing with Morgentaler. None seem to be able to do it better
than in
Quebec. In her February 11, 1999, broadcast featuring our celebrated
abortionist, Anne-Marie Dussault of 'Télé-Québec' showed shocking
accommodation in
dealing with him. He was portrayed throughout the program as a true martyr
of modern
times, a martyr of the liberation of women from their cruel children who
terrorize them,
even in the womb.

She marvelled that even today, at age 75, he continues to risk his life to
his ten heroic daily abortions. This hot seat journalist, who prides
herself with
examplifying the objectivity of Quebec journalists, didn`t bat an eye at any
of these
"I absolutely must continue my mission of helping women;"
"I adore women, I adore children;"
"My duty as a humanist is to do abortions;"
"We defend women, we are the real prolifers;"
"Aborted women leave my clinics with a smile on their lips;"
"I love the profession of doctor;"
"All abortions are medically necessary in the sense that they
have to be done
by a doctor;"
"Every time I perform an abortion, I do something positive;"
"I`m proud of what I was able to accomplish;"
"My ideal is of a more human society that would not be
dominated any more
by religion."
It is this politically correct media totalitarianism that constitutes media
prostitution in
Quebec and Canada.

At the November 1998 opening of The Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton (an
some of us picket regularly), Dr. Morgentaler suggested that "in a climate
where doctors
are being shot, any protesters could be seen as potential killers and...I
would urge them
to stay away from the clinic as an act of contrition for the murder of
doctors who provide
abortion services." He also used the occasion to blame the Roman Catholic
Church for
the Jewish Holocaust. The media reaction to his accusation? Total silence!
The man
who made "Do you want to keep this baby?" as common a catch phrase as "Do
want fries with that?" pondered Canada`s falling crime rate and suggested we
have him
to credit for having fewer maladjusted young men around. So as we walk our
streets, Henry Morgentaler and his colleagues expect our thanks for rubbing
out over a
million embryonic punks before they could bust out of the womb and start
terrorizing us
and whining about their Canadian Charter rights.

A recent authorized biography by an ardent pro-choice feminist
unintentionally paints a
very unflattering portrait of Henry Morgentaler. The book mentions his
enormous ego,
his constant "womanizing", and his alienation of his wives and brother. All
his reputation
as a champion of women`s rights pales in comparison to the central
"accomplishment" of
his life: through his shameless, untiring campaign to expand his bloody
empire from sea
to sea, he is single-handedly responsible for Canada`s lawlessness with
respect to the
unborn. That`s in addition to the thousands upon thousands of abortions he
committed personally during his ruthless career in which, truth be said, Dr.
Mengele, the
'Angel of Death' at Auschwitz, would rate as a minor criminal in comparison.
stardom and repeated victories notwithstanding, it seems that Henry
Morgentaler is an
unhappy man, beset by nightmares and bouts of severe depression which

With his string of eight abortion clinics across Canada, this Emperor of
abortion "a mari
usque ad mare," - who once likened abortion to pulling a tooth - is making
huge tax
subsidized multi-million profits by destroying the lives of pre-born babies
and also
harming their mothers in the process.

Canadian Knights especially must pray to God that in His infinite wisdom and
mercy He
will operate the same conversion miracle on Henry Morgentaler as He did on
the United
States` notorious Bernard Nathanson. The author of countless thousands of
and the man most responsible for the 'Roe v Wade' Supreme Court decision,
Nathanson gave up his appalling profession in 1979, turned to God in the
mid`90s and
was baptized in the Catholic Church in 1998. He is now one of the most
effective pro-life
advocates in North America.

Thaddée Renault
Fredericton, New Brunswick

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