Americans and Canadians have truly lived in the bloodiest century in history. As result of abortifacient birth control measures, it is estimated that there are from 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 chemical, mechanical and surgical abortions per year in the U.S. and Canada alone. Extrapolated out from 1973, that would amount to 260,000,000 to 390,000,000 abortions over 26 years (1973 - 1999) due to chemical, mechanical or surgical means. 

390,000,000!! The sheer magnitude of it all is too much to grasp. So it must be trivialized or else we will all be crushed by the horror of it all. But, picture 390,000,000, if you will, as grains of sand and imagine the human sand heap this would symbolize and the wasted human potential it represents. Included in this heap of destroyed humanity certainly would have been the answer and cure to some of our gravest world problems. And now with the new breed of so-called "emergency contraception" or "morning-after pills being aggressively marketed, we are embarking on yet another unprecedented onslaught on human life.

The ruling intellectual elite is telling us (and convincing many) that these numbers are astronomical exaggerations of the actual situation. They refuse to accept that the vast majority of pre born children who die at the hands of abortionists are not killed by vacuum machines or curettes, but by injections and pills. While conceding that the abortifacient birth control measures are very effectively meeting the desired objectives they were designed for, they insist pro lifers are seeing human life where it doesn`t exist. 

What can justify such incredulity on the part of otherwise intelligent people? The more we study it, the more it becomes obvious that biologically, physically, genetically, and embryologically, pregnancy begins at conception. Still, despite medical evidence to the contrary, their medieval minds have accepted an absurd redefinition of pregnancy that says it only begins at implantation in the uterus. Thus, in their childlike perspective, preventing implantation by so-called emergency contraceptives, such as Preven, is not killing a developing child. They insist humanness should not be bestowed on the newly conceived being until it has made its centimeters long journey down the Fallopian tube - a trip sometimes lasting 72 hours.

Early abortion pill pushers such as our federal health departments, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, CARAL NOW, NACSOW (Canadian National Action Committee of the Status of Women) , and other tax-supported feminist organizations stubbornly refuse to accept the reality that pregnancy actually occurs at the moment of conception - when everything that makes up an individual is totally present in that one-cell embryo. They insist on describing the procedure as emergency 'contraception' and then deceitfully try to make their unwary women audience believe they are not pregnant because implantation hasn`t yet taken place. What women are not being told by this devious pro-choice crowd is that preventing the implantation of an embryo on the life-sustaining lining of the uterus, is like putting a newborn child in a desert and walking away to let the child die of starvation and dehydration.

There is a great need to recognize the many millions of tiny babies who are pharmaceutically aborted every year in the first few days or weeks after their creation due to abortifacient drugs or devices. As indicated earlier, the number of abortions has increased exponentially since society allowed its children to be killed by non-surgical means, such as "emergency contraception" pills, IUDs, Depo-Provera, etc. It seems man`s greatest ingenuity is displayed in warfare - not only on the field of battle, but against his own fertility. He has concocted a bewildering array of methods designed to suppress those many have come to see as the ultimate enemy - pre born babies. To this end, he has stocked his biological and chemical arsenal with the first human pesticide in history. Contraception in its abortifacient form, rather than surgical abortions - on which pro lifers continue to concentrate most of their efforts - has now become the real villain in our fight to protect the unborn.

The deceit surrounding the marketing of emergency contraception products also extends to women who are kept ignorant of the great risks associated with the general use of these potent products laced with a high estrogen content to alter the delicate lining of the womb and make it a hostile environment for the tiny baby. Apart from the greatly downplayed side-effects of the pill, such as severe nausea and vomiting, studies have shown use of the drugs to be strongly associated with breast cancer, cervical cancer, blood clots, infertility, strokes and ectopic pregnancies. Not really surprising, considering that these "morning-after" pills contain a dose of estrogen quadruple of that allowed in the regular contraceptive Pill. This, folks, is the drug Roberts Pharmaceuticals Corporation now sells as though it were a new shampoo.

And what of its additionally unhealthy effects on young women and girls who may be exposing themselves repeatedly to its unknown toxic effects. Questioned about the effects of repeat exposure to Preven, Roberts Pharmaceuticals` answer is by no means reassuring: "There`s nothing known yet." In addition, and despite assurances from Health Canada that the drug (Preven) would only be available by prescription, the Canadian Pharmacists Association has, in conjunction with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, devised a plan whereby the "emergency contraception" would be available without seeing a doctor. Shockingly (and this speaks volumes about the United Nations) the SOGC admits the push for making that and other similar drugs available over the counter comes from the United Nations` health arm, the World Health Organization. The SOGC`S director of professional affairs justified the Society`s support for over the counter availability of the drug saying, "The World Health Organization had made the statement (that) a pelvic exam is not required to prescribe emergency contraception." Emboldened by the U.N.`s blatant escalation of its population control agenda some countries, such as the Socialist French government, have recently imposed the potent and potentially dangerous hormonal cocktail encapsulated in the morning-after pill in high schools across the nation.

Most countries look to North America as a land flowing in milk and honey, but we all know it runs red with the blood of innocent victims - not the 1.6 million commonly cited in federal statistics, but 10,000,000 - 15,000,000 annually. Recognized as the best countries to live in the world, we have been given so much and offered so much more; yet we return only insult. 

Merely unmasking the tragic deception of abortifacient contraception will not prevent its widespread use by a society desensitized by some 30 years of legalized abortion. These easily available do-it-yourself abortion kits will undoubtedly reduce the demand for surgical abortions; but, paradoxically, their use could also become pro lifers` main battleground.

John Paul II refuses to be quiet about abortion. He understands that what`s at stake goes to the heart of society. Will the God who decides to conceive a child be allowed to bring that child to life without being overruled by the governments of this world? Our Holy Father foresees a terrible contest between the will of God and the will of human governments. We Knights must assume our proclaimed role as soldiers in the army He is fashioning on this earth, one that will participate in His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. And if we read His word carefully, He makes it plain that a soldier is to expect hardship. 

We need to pray and pray constantly to our Saviour, through His Blessed Mother the Lady of Guadalupe, to change our individual hearts and prepare us for the difficult pro-life struggle facing us as never before in the near future. One might be irreverent and say that God is getting ready to cash in His chips with us Knights.

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