Picketers in front of abortion mills are pro-lifers who have taken their protest to the scene of the crime - the abortion facilities where the unborn are (or will be) attacked and slain in the cruelest ways that man`s ability to destroy can devise.

It is deemed not only that abortion is a legal right, but that Canadians must accept it silently without any effective protest. It is not a question of obeying the law or of trespass at time in the protesting of it. It is rapidly becoming a question of giving abortion free and unprotested operation within Canadian society. The only public and vocal opinion to be allowed in this collaboration among the abortionist and the courts and the police is that which is pro-abortion.

Abortion is receiving a privileged and protected position through the judicial persecution of pro-lifers. The right to free speech, the right to peaceable assembly, the right to defend life, the right to prevent a natural crime of murder are being denied, with the pretext that not only is abortion legal, but that no one should be allowed to make the case to the contrary - that it cannot and must not ever be truly legal.

The saddest part of the whole affair is that these heroes and heroines are undergoing a real martyrdom - insulted, fined, imprisoned, and marked as mentally unbalanced - without any word of support from those who are considered leaders of religious truth and arbiters of morals. The bishops who signed statements against wars and weapons, against exploitations of the poor, over economic power against the less powerful - these are all silent about the war on life, against judicial power oppressing pro-life protesters. These martyrs are left unaided and uncomforted by rear-line generals and one-eyed moralists.

No nation or institution or culture will long survive major violations of the natural law. Canada will not survive forever the so-called legalization of abortion. Nature will apply a sanction, just as surely as it applied the sanction of AIDS to sexual immorality.

We don`t know the identities or the future that Providence would have granted the murdered unborn millions that this country loses to abortion in the course of years. They are like the few unknown heroes we honour on Remembrance Day. But that shall be righted by in God`s good time. The murdered victims shall be known and the relationship of their murder to this nation`s welfare will be exposed, as will be the identity and the corruption of those who murdered them.

But those who are silent in all this grisly and tragic story of death are in some way and to some degree collaborators in what is happening. Most great evils could have been prevented by the voice of the good, voices that were unspoken and therefore unheard. Some future and perhaps imminent disaster awaiting Canada because of abortion could be prevented by such voices. As yet they are silent.

The triumph of the murder machinery that is grinding up this country`s future is oiled as much by silence on the part of the good as by the power of evil. A nation incapable of producing great indignation over such a barbaric, even diabolic evil as abortion, doesn`t deserve to survive. And it won`t.

You ask for whom the bell tolls? - IT TOLLS FOR YOU!

I am grateful to Leo Coyle, a committed Catholic living in Gibbons, Alberta, for permission to use his outstanding testimony (above).

Thaddée Renault

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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