To condone and even participate in the gruesome practice of dismembering
unborn babies is now widely accepted conduct for doctors, although few of them in Canada and
the U.S. agree to perform abortions. However, there has been one result of abortion, the so-called "dreaded complication," that has always been feared above any other - live birth.
Very few people (even abortion fanatics) realize that babies occasionally survive this grisly procedure. A coroner's investigation in 1999 found that 16 aborted babies had been born alive since 1995 in British Columbia alone, with the largest baby being born at seven months gestation
and weighing in at 2.2 kilograms. What Canadians were not prepared to discover, however, was
that these surviving late-term aborted babies were denied food, fluids and breathing assistance
until they starved to death - as was vividly described by outraged nurses forced to participate in
abortions at Alberta`s Calgary Foothills Hospital. These late-term abortions, done mostly for
eugenic purposes (i.e. genetic cleansing to cull imperfect babies) are currently readily condoned by the medical profession.

To make certain that future late-term abortions cause no more messy
complications, the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons - astoundingly indifferent to the impact of what they propose to ensure that these babies are 'Dead on Arrival' - have authorized
its members to kill late-term fetuses in the womb by injecting the heart with a fatal dose of
potassium chloride so that when the baby is aborted she cannot be born live. The College
cold-bloodedly refers to this horrifying approved treatment as "feticide ...in order to reduce suffering."

The procedure involved is reminiscent of World War II Nazi medical
experiments. The physician, with the help of an ultrasonically guided steel needle, impales
the heart of the child, withdraws blood through the needle to establish its placement in the left
ventricle, which provides the biggest target. After the injection of potassium chloride,
electrical arrest of the child`s heart is supposed to occur momentarily. Elementary knowledge of
neurology would indicate that at that age the fetus undoubtedly feels excruciating pain. This abused pre-born child stands the same chance of avoiding death as she would at a 15th century
ceremonial Aztec heart-removal sacrifice.

Although officials deny this is the case, it is obvious that by ensuring all late-term fetuses are
dead before doctors induce labour, the College is attempting to insulate itself against a court
ruling one day charging that causing a living, if gravely ill, infant to die constitutes murder.

How far the healing profession has strayed from its Hippocratic Oath that not only taught doctors to relieve pain but to also "cause no harm." After seeing what they are now being taught by
words and action, I`ve become truly frightened by the next generation of doctors. These young
medical practitioners, taught that it is ethical to kill through a potassium chloride injection in the
heart of more than 20-week-old fetuses in the womb, will have absolutely no qualms in giving
seniors like me the same lethal treatment when we become a psychological burden to them or a
financial one to society. In fact it is already happening now. Will future colleges of physicians be
suggesting it be called "'senior-cide' ......in order to reduce suffering?" 

It is impossible to fathom the lack of human compassion which would make a medical licensing
group, such as the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, ratchet up its commitment to
abortion on demand by introducing a policy promoting "feticide" as a legitimate medical
practice. Its pretense that it should only be used in cases of seriously deformed babies gives it
no additional legitimacy. To me, this poor excuse for discrimination against the handicapped
unborn is no more than another tacit confession of intellectual and ethical bankruptcy.

Knights throughout the world need to intensify their intercessions to our Lady of Guadalupe and
her God son for the conversion of a medical profession so sorely in need of divine help and
inspiration.. Thomas Cardinal Winning, Glasgow`s strongly pro-life archbishop, expresses the
true extent of the troubling situation we must face as soldiers of Christ: 

"No profession has been
more deeply corrupted by the culture of death than the medical profession
over the past century.
And nothing has more deeply corrupted it than the practice of abortion and
the attendant attitude
that human life which is weak and vulnerable is disposable."

Only prayers and pro-life evangelization initiatives on our part will succeed in the seemingly
impossible task of convincing all doctors of their obligation as members of the medical
profession to heal, not become licensed executioners.

Thaddée Renault
New Brunswick, Canada

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