The abortion issue cannot be contained. Its underlying principle, which sets humans against humans, threatens the security of all human beings. In opposing abortion we are involved in the formidable task of fighting to preserve humanity. This is why millions of informed citizens have reacted to abortion just as anyone would to the dismemberment of a newborn infant - because abortion is the very same thing, only occurring within the womb rather than outside it.

The responsibility of informing the general public on the gruesome practice of abortion would normally rest on mainstream media which have historically had the resources and the will to examine contentious issues and offer objective analyses. Unfortunately, an ideological commitment to abortion has made media in Canada and the U.S. willing participants in the successful movement to institutionalize unrestricted abortion on demand within our countries. The information task has thus fallen to dedicated pro-lifers who are often made to look by the above liberal left media as neo-fascist right wing zealots.

Lulled as it has been into a media-created indifference towards abortion, the general public needs to be educated to see abortion as it is - as an act of pure violence permeating every small corner of society. Vivid and shocking imagery has to be resorted to in order to awaken people to reality. One way to underline the enormity of this violence to the unborn in America is to put into proper perspective the large numbers of pre-born babies we allow to be sacrificed on the altar of convenience. One example is to equate the number of lives being legally destroyed by abortion in the U.S. and Canada to the number of daily casualties resulting from the following combined tragedies, say: five jumbo airliner crashes, seven Oklahoma bombings, and 110 Columbine High School shootings. On a global scale, abortion - mostly state-sanctioned - can be shown to cause more to be killed each year (50 to 60 million) than Hitler, Stalin and successors, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot, combined succeeded in putting to death.

The relevancy of world-wide abortion to the incredible human destruction caused in particular by these four monsters must be strongly stressed. To Hitler`s National Socialists, it was an excellent policy to kill the Jews as the Jews were "unwanted" by the German Reich. Stalin`s Communists felt it was perfectly all right to exterminate seven million Ukrainians. They were "undesirable." More recently, roughly half of the population of Cambodia was put to death by the Pol Pot regime also on the arbitrary basis of "undesirability."

Although tragic and deplorable in term of human violence, the rare acts of violence against abortionists give our opposite numbers the opportunity to take the high ground and to talk about anything but what happens in an abortion and to whom. Pro-abortionists claim that all pro-lifers are really at fault. By refusing to shut up, by insisting that abortion is the unjust taking of innocent human life, we are accused of creating a "climate" in which "hate" can flourish. For people listening to the debate with only one ear, this may sound plausible.

Popular TV and radio panels and talk shows almost invariably pick up on the popular refrain that pro-life "rhetoric" encourages violence. The term "abortuary" is considered inflammatory (as is "abortionist" which the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has officially eradicated from its vocabulary and replaced with a more euphemistic "abortion provider"). The CBC could well be reminded that the Nazis also objected to the term "death camp." However, just because they called them relocation centres did not change what they really were. We can call the places where abortions are committed clinics, but that can`t change what they really are - baby-killing centres.

Publicly, pro-aborts gnash teeth and cry crocodile tears when an abortionist is attacked. The fact is they do care not a whit about the assault against a few abortion practitioners. Leaders of major pro-life organizations have indeed observed that such incidents have been a goldmine for abortion activists who usually reap a whirlwind of sympathetic press, gain more government action for their cause and incite totally unjustified hostility towards pro-lifers. An increase in dead babies by abortion therefore follows each incident. 

Following the July 11, 2000, non-fatal stabbing of British Columbia abortionist Garson Romalis, Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) executive director said in media interviews that the views of newly elected official opposition pro-life leader of the Canadian Alliance, Stockwell Day, "indirectly sanctioned" the violence against the abortionist. "His rhetoric does incite other people who share his beliefs against abortion and violence." 

In a July 14 National Post column, Andrew Coyne said the logical conclusion of CARAL`s view that "the mere exposition of a contrary view on abortion is itself incitement to violence," is the necessity to criminalize the holding of pro-life views. He caustically noted that Canada is already close to that. Many abortuaries are already ensconced in very constrictive bubble zones prohibiting pro-life expression of any type. Even journalists from independent newspapers are now arrested and tried for attempting to cover police arrests within these bubble zones. The Post columnist maintains that such draconian regulation is motivated by the simple desire to control thoughts. It is obvious to him, as it should be to every clear thinking person that the pro-abortionists do not want abortion to be an issue debated in the political arena, but an accepted, everyday "medical procedure."

To hear the pro-aborts talk, "anti-choice fanatics" are hampering full access to abortion by shooting doctors and intimidating governments to hold back on funding. It's all lies, of course -no Canadian pro-lifer has been convicted of shooting anybody, and abortion on demand is generously funded across the country, while essential, genuine medical services are suffering heavy cuts. But the pro-aborts have decided on their agenda for the next few years, and the truth isn't anywhere on it.

The thought control strategy is easy to discern. Abortion leaders in our two countries react in near lockstep upon learning of violence perpetrated against abortionist. First comes the expression of shock, next the declaration that a pro-life radical must have been the attacker, then the assertion that mainstream pro-life leaders were responsible for the assault because of their "rhetoric," and finally the call for dramatic action - censorship of this "rhetoric." This is their way to ban free speech on abortion. What they are effectively trying to do is outlaw opposition to abortion. In addition, abortion advocates are now calling for harsher sentences for those convicted of attacking abortionists. What they are really saying, if you extend their logic, is that an extra penalty is needed because they believe that being opposed to abortion is, in and of itself, a crime. 

It seems that everyone must be constantly reminded that no abortionist has ever been killed in Canada and that there have been a mere five wounding and one fire and explosion since 1988. Fewer than a dozen abortionists have been killed or wounded over two decades in the U.S. (making the job statistically far safer than cab driving). While the number of killings linked to the pro-life movement since abortion was legalized in Canada in 1969 is ZERO, the number of killings linked to the pro-abortion movement is over TWO MILLION. And they call us violent!

It is the bloodstained activity of abortionists, not our objections to it, that incites unbalanced individuals to lash back lethally. As one prominent pro-lifer has expressed it: "They`re in a lethal business. Bad karma, man." As John F. Kennedy once suggested, if we attempt through legal manipulation and propaganda (masquerading as education) to coerce people into accepting things they intuitively know to be wrong, we will produce not tolerance but anger, resistance, rebellion and often violence.

We must keep on reminding over and over again the media and pro-abortionists who delight at delegitimizing and demonizing pro-lifers by smearing us as violence-prone crazies that our pro-life message of truth does not kill, but abortion does. Unlike Planned Parenthood and others in the Pro-Abortion Movement which engage in violence against the unborn for a fee, the Pro-Life Movement has never condoned violence of any kind - and never will! We value and love all human life and, yes, that also includes abortionists.

Thaddée Renault

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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