Modern Western nations boast of how they have reduced infant mortality.

In reality, through abortion, they have increased it. Although refusing to

admit harm to the innocent, their leaders - by their unwillingness to

criminalize abortion - have actually dealt it out lavishly in a manner that

makes King Herod look like

a benevolent monarch.

Is it just me, or has logic taken a holiday? Here are just four items

to show how schizophrenic, if not hypocritical, our society has become.

1) A woman shoots herself in the stomach in order to kill her

unborn baby (not enough money, she claimed, to pay for an abortion). This

woman is then charged with murder of her preborn baby. An abortionist could

have terminated the child and this would have been viewed as a "surgical


2) Baby Jason was born in Manitoba at 25 weeks, weighing 461.3

grams. Yet, in Quebec the law dictates that anything (not "anyone") weighing

less than 500 grams (1 pound) be considered "surgical waste". Baby Jason can

surely thank his lucky star he wasn`t born in Quebec!

3) A father saves the life of his 900 grams (2 pounds), 20 cm (8

inch) long, premature son by shaking him to initiate breathing. This

heart-warming story is ironically featured in the same newspaper edition

which enthusiastically announces a buffer zone shielding abortion clinics

from pro-lifers attempting to save babies. An amazing paradox in which pride

and absurdity appear hopelessly confused.

4) A single mom is convicted of drowning her two infant sons whom

she felt were resented by her boyfriend. In the eyes of the law, her only

crime was bad timing. Had she decided just a few years before during her

pregnancies that her children would

be an inconvenience, she could have killed them without any legal

consequences. In Canada, in truth, it`s legal for a mother to kill her

children as long as her timing is right. And she can do it for the same

reasons this distraught woman killed her`s. When

we listen to the outrage over the deaths of her two sons, we can`t help but

see the great hypocricy we are guilty of, for we as a nation allow over

100,000 preborn babies to be killed and think of it as a mother`s right -

simply because the timing is

better than this mother`s.

We label the preborn a fetus when referring to an abortion, but use the

term baby when the expectant mother intends to keep the child. When it comes

to the preborn, individuals base their concept of reality solely on

convenience - how the situation

suits them at the moment.

How can a population become so schizophrenic that it thinks it is not

good to kill your enemy but it is good to kill your own baby? How can a

society become so chizophrenic that it expresses concern regarding the

violation of women`s bodies, while

remaining silent on the violation of the bodies of preborn babies? Can`t

people see the glaring contradiction, for instance, in saving the life of a

premature baby in the emergency room, while aborting another down the

hospital hall?

We live in a schizophrenic society in which it is perfectly legal to

'choose' to kill a baby delivered up to its head (in a partial-birth

abortion), but punishable by life imprisonment for a woman to 'choose' to

kill that same baby minutes later after

the birth is completed.

We hear our politicians mouthing platitudes about Canada`s greatest

resource being her children, while they legislate against the birth of said

resource. Who hasn`t noted the irony in the efforts to introduce a bill

criminalizing spanking by MP Svend Robinson and Senator Carstairs who are

also strongly pro-abortion, an attitude which poses the greatest possible

violence to the unborn?

One wonders how long our hypocritical society would allow the continued

atrocity of abortion if the results of each abortion were found in the

garbage cans of our land. For a nation which now accepts the yearly

destruction of over 100,000 of its unborn citizens, maybe longer than we think.

Thaddée Renault

Pro-Life Program

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