Canadian parliamentarians, alike many of their American counterpart, are perfectly at ease with Chinese leaders whose CV`s include, among other major human rights violations, the prohibition of brothers or sisters, forced abortions, organized slave labour, and a 30-year genocidal assault on Tibet. Their attitude seems to be: "Persecuting Christians is wrong, but we can`t forget that 33% of Canadian jobs are related to foreign trade." So in effect what they are telling their critics is to overlook the reality that the Chinese Catholic Church is being persecuted, that China employs menstrual monitors, terrorists and executioners to enforce its one-child policy, that it treats its citizens as serfs, executes "criminals" after phony trials, cannibalizes them and then sells their body parts on the international black market. And to think this homicidal Communist state is such a sought after business partner by Canada and the U.S. Go figure.

China's forced killing of preborn children may well be the greatest crime against humanity in the history of the world. It even surpasses the government-initiated famines in the Soviet Union during the 1930s which killed countless millions of Ukrainians and Russians. The other most horrible violation of human rights one can think of is the denial to perhaps 100 million Chinese couples of a second (or subsequent) child. This includes forcing IUDs into the wombs of 100 million Chinese women against their wills, mandatory X-rays every three months to ensure that the IUDs have not been removed, economic punishment and sometimes forced abortion of those women who conceive "illegally," and documented infanticides. China is raising generations of little emperors, spoiled by two protective parents and four adoring grandparents. One sees this in family groups out for a walk, which consist invariably of a single pampered child accompanied by several adults.

Undeterred by the mounting bitter world opposition to its draconian population control measures, the Beijing regime declared in March, 2000, that it will continue into the 21st century its strict enforcement which has produced such an enormous slaughter of innocent babies (15 to 20 million each year), widespread suffering among women, and a huge excess of men. China is contemptuously disregarding the warning of demographers that it will one day soon pay a heavy price for this unnatural re-engineering of the family and society by its Communist ideology. One of the inevitable consequences of the rigid prohibition on births is the rapid increase of the elderly as a percentage of the population, straining medical resources. Also, female infanticide continues to run at epidemic levels. Demographers estimate that, because of the stringent one-child policy and the age-old Chinese preference for sons, there are now 100 million more men than women in China. Millions of young Chinese males will never marry or have one child of their own because there aren't enough women to go around. Ninety percent of the children in Chinese orphanages are female, many abandoned, left to die essentially so that the parents can try again for a son. China has created a new society: one without siblings, aunts or uncles, and indisputably male-oriented. How`s that for a nation-shattering demographic mess?

The coercive measures used in China are little different than the Aryanization and euthanasia programs conceived in Adolf Hitler`s fiendish mind, which the world also ignored in the 1930s, but which the icon and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, highly praised at the time.

What outrage there is out there, although legitimate, is misdirected. Take for instance the hundreds of Hollywood celebrities gathered a while back to support the pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation effort to pressure Afghanistan's Taliban rulers to end their oppression of women and girls. These same feminists, however, will not attach any blame to China`s continued bloody assault on women and their preborn children. Worse, some will praise it.

Would you believe it? We have women in Canada - one writing in the National Post - who will shamelessly proclaim that the tyrannical one-baby policy has elevated the status of women in China. The same ladies, you know, who consider it empowering for women to abort and destroy their own flesh and blood.

Restricted to one child, far more Chinese want a baby boy than a baby girl. To make sure they are not disappointed many expectant parents bribe doctors to give them the results of prenatal scans so unborn girls can be aborted. The result is a sex-specific massacre. Whereas the global birth ratio of boys to girls is 105 to 100, in China it is 112 to 100, rising in some areas to 118 to 100. That means in some localities, more than 10% of unborn girls are being killed because of their sex. In feminist logic, believe it or not, this squares off with respect for women. One truly wonders just what type of perverted mindset could explain this heinous endorsement of the systematic, and compulsory eradication of 300 million unborn children? My guess: Satan`s.

Amnesty International released a thoroughly documented report in February 2001 detailing horrific cases of abuse in China. It illustrates in stark terms the moral bankruptcy of a government that would kill millions of innocent babies as a matter of state policy and then torture or imprison those who object as a principle of conscience. In one particularly gruesome case, a 30 year-old agricultural worker in Hunan province died under torture in May1998. After being detained, he was tortured by officials from the township birth control office to make him reveal the whereabouts of his wife, suspected of being pregnant without permission. The young husband was hung upside down, repeatedly whipped and beaten with wooden clubs, burned with cigarette butts, branded with red hot irons, and had his genitals ripped off.

This appalling instance of abuse is by no means an isolated case. Amnesty International also reports several others perpetrated by aggressive state birth controllers, all with the knowledge and approval of their government bosses. Another among the many thousands of mind-numbing incidents occurring daily in China, detailed the brutal battering and killing of a new born unplanned baby by birth control officials in a quiet village, in August 2000. A medical practitioner reportedly rescued an illegal and abandoned second born baby from the cess pit of a men's public toilet. The woman took the baby boy to the local clinic to remove his umbilical cord and administer vaccinations. She was reportedly feeding the baby on her doorstep when five birth control thugs approached her, grabbed the baby and threw him on the ground. In front of several witnesses, they reportedly kicked the baby repeatedly as he convulsed on the ground, then took him away to a paddy field where they drowned him, witnessed again by other villagers. A birth control brigade had reportedly brought the impoverished mother, nine months pregnant (!) with her fourth child, to their office early that morning and had injected her to kill the baby. When the baby was born alive, they instructed the father to get rid of him.

These kinds of barbaric practices have been reported for years by eminently qualified persons, such as China expert Steven Mosher, President of the respected Population Research Institute. Sadly, as with so many other important life issues which mainstream media deliberately ignore, the grisly reality of Chinese forced birth control goes on with the silent blessing of timid Western countries

China`s oppression of mothers and babies, never before matched in human history, is a horrendous affront to God-given human rights and demands a firm public response from Canada, the U.S. and other Western nations. Offering it preferred trading status instead is no way to eliminate this loathsome injustice. Christ could well be directing his words of condemnation at some of our Catholic self described pro-choice political leaders when he said of any man who would harm even one child, "it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea" (Matt. 18.6).

Our hearts go out to the persecuted Chinese people and we pray for Our Lady of Guadalupe`s loving intercession on their behalf.

Thaddée Renault

New Brunswick, Canada

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