Using the arguments politicians so often use to justify their

unwillingness to legislate and criminalize abortion, one would be led to

think so. The popular expression is to say that "I am personally opposed to

abortion", but that "I shouldn`t

impose my morality or beliefs on others." Looking at this stand from another

point of view, I could just as reasonably state that "I am personally

opposed to RAPE sweeping this country and would not participate in such an

act, but I have no right to impose my

morality on others; rather the RAPIST should have the right to choose, and

this decision should be made between the RAPIST and his attorney."

And I could go on to say that those fanatical anti-RAPE groups are

using emotional pictures of aborted fetuses to dramatize their anti-choice

position. Most of them, you see, attend churches which hold similar views.

That makes this a religious issue and that`s a clear violation of separation

of church and state.

Also making RAPE illegal won`t stop all of the incidents, it will

only make criminals out of the RAPISTS. Therefore, the only alternative is

legalization. That`s why I support RAPE on demand. After all you can`t

legislate morality.

Furthermore, during an election year, we must vote for those

pro-choice politicians who endorse permissive RAPE laws. With

liberalization, RAPE will become quick and efficient, performed out in the

open, under ideal conditions. Do we want to

ever return to the days of back-alley rape? Gimme a break!

Evidently, this silly rationalization of rape is farfetched. But it

serves to illustrate the illogical and incredibly stupid attitude of our

lawmakers where the regulation of pre-natal infanticide is concerned.

In those rare instances where pregnancy results from rape

intercourse, society singles out the innocent unborn child for execution and

misplaces on the fetus the anger which should be more appropriately directed

towards the rapist who committed the

monstrous crime. In most cases, the rape victim who has been aborted is then

abandoned, as if her need for care ended with the death of her child.

Do we punish other criminals by killing their children? Can a child

innocent of any crime be attacked and killed in a most painful fashion with

the attacker completely safe from being prosecuted? Isn`t it a twisted logic

that would kill an innocent

unborn baby for the sick behaviour of his or her father? It is the

assaillant who should be punished, not the innocent baby. Let`s keep the

focus on the victim, the baby who is being killed.

In Canada over 100,000 babies are aborted each year and less than 1%

of these abortions are done because of rape and incest. Those who promote

abortion rarely talk about the remaining 99%.

The life taken in an abortion belongs only to the baby, not to the

mother or anyone else. No person has the right to talk of compromising,

using the baby`s life.

Thaddee Renault

Pro-Life Program

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