The fact remains, as we enter the 3rd millennium, that all European nations are dying nations because abortion and anti-family policies provide a built-in, self-administered genocide.

The same is true for Canada. In ten or fifteen years`s time we can expect major problems with old age pensions and health care for the elderly, and we will possibly face a tax revolt of the shrinking "working" segment of our population. Meanwhile we are living a kind of unconscious self-destruction with over 100,000 of our unborn citizens butchered to death each year. That`s why it borders on the obscene for Canada, largely through its Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), to encourage its feminist clique of delegates at the UN to promote the "universal right of abortion" as a mandatory rule for the entire world, and to override local or national rules to the contrary. Truly, the shamelessness of the Canadian government knows no bounds.

One can`t help but wonder what a federal agency like CIDA, instituted some 34 years ago by Order-in-Council, and provided with no built-in checks and balances controlling its activities, accomplishes with its enormous $2 billion annual budget. It is mind-boggling to know that there has never been any public debate on the merits of this organization which has spent tens of billions without so much as even a requirement to table an annual report in Parliament. Shouldn`t members of Parliament not have an occasion to review the books and questions the efficacy of CIDA bureaucrats` policies and program priorities? Or, as these people are often want to do, do they think MPs cannot appreciate the social issues involved?

For years now, CIDA has received criticism from a slew of Auditors General and government committees for its lack of accountability and ineffective administration. We can even use the own words of the current pro-abortion Minister responsible for CIDA to condemn the agency whose projects she claims have only a 20% success rate. One can understand why, with virtually no control imposed on Ministers for International Cooperation, they reign as an absolute monarch over this agency`s dispersal of taxpayers` monies. The Minister counters criticism by bragging about a series of consultations conducted in several cities across Canada in September. What she doesn`t mention, however, is that of the 1,100 individuals and organizations that submitted their views, a large number were organizations funded by CIDA itself.

The Minister showed unconcealed hostility towards some of the more conservative critics of her agency during the consultations - in one instance even speaking up angrily against organized religion (read the Vatican) for its rejection of abortion and population control measures. Without even an attempt to contest any of the facts they put before the panel, she summarily rejected their recommendations to make Canada's foreign aid more in tune with the true needs of developing nations. Some consultations, I`d say!

CIDA still has not properly responded to the proven accusation of helping to export and impose a radicalized feminist ideology on unsuspecting women in the Third World. This it does through some of its deceptive social development programs which are euphemistically referred to as "reproductive health" projects. These elitist endeavours are primarily designed to foster abortion, contraception and barnyard type sterilizations in countries whose culture and family customs are antipathetic to such Western practices. Those social engineering forays into developing countries, despite CIDA`s claim to the contrary, are not based on outcomes of the United Nations World Summits in Cairo and Beijing; in fact they have become a matter of intense discord and resentment among UN delegates.

Because mostly of the powerful feminist bureaucrats controlling or manipulating policy development in CIDA (as in other government agencies also), Canada has to adjusts its foreign aid to gear it to official definitions of "gender" and "gender equity" that have not even been accepted by the UN - especially not by the developing world. CIDA now enforces the outlandish and sexist requirement that each project be subjected to a "gender analysis." This requisite passes clean through the looking glass into the realm of absurdity.

Canadian foreign aid funding should be determined by its impact on the whole community in the developing country, not just its impact on women. Men`s need should also be considered, unless their status has been reduced to that of the Taliban (which in fact could well be the mind-set of gender feminists, some of which, like Germaine Greer, can shamelessly pontificated, "Women have very little idea of how much men hate them .... men do not themselves know the depth of their hatred." Or feminist icon, but vicious bigot, Marilyn French, announcing, "All men are rapists, and that's all they are .... all men are the enemy."). CIDA`s "gender equity" policy, as imposed in Third World countries, is totally unacceptable to at least half of the Canadian population (i.e. male), as it probably is to the vast majority of the other half made up of Canadian women.

Canadians also very strongly object to CIDA`s practice of tying aid to coercive population control measures. This is why they resent its prominence as a major donor in the international population field and its generously support of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), an agency that helps finance China's barbaric one-child population policy requiring mandatory sterilizations, birth control, and abortions for brothers and sisters - all under the supervision of China's "womb police." Its bolstering of UN programs to depopulate the poorer, parts of the planet mirrors the view of such known anti-natalists as Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Jane Goodall, Matthew Fox, Shirley MacLaine, and Desmond Tutu, and evinces the racist attitude satirist P.J. O`Rourke has expressed as "just enough of me, way too much of you."

CIDA also stands accused of promoting terrorism through taxpayer funding of terrorist organizations - in stark contradiction with the rhetoric used by its Minister last fall in stating that, "Canada's foreign aid program is an important weapon in the fight against terrorism." Canadians should all find this a remarkable declaration in view of the fact that $11 million of taxpayers` money has been given in immigrant aid since 1994 to the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils, which actually is a front for the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam, that the U.S. designated as a foreign terrorist organization four years ago. And guess what? Both the Minister and her colleague, Finance Minister Paul Martin, attended a Tamil fund raising dinner in Toronto in May, 2001. To legitimate questioning in Parliament about the government support of the Tamil organization, the Minister resorted to a personal attack and in effect called the perplexed member a racist.

CIDA has also contributed large sums of development money to Ottawa-based Human Concern International whose director in Pakistan was arrested in 1996 on suspicion of financing terrorist bombings there. Come to find out, the director`s assets were frozen last October by the US government. He was identified by a US Treasurer report as "an aide to Osama bin Laden" and an "operative" in his al Qaeda terrorist organization.

CIDA`s lack of accountability to Parliament needs to be recognized and corrected. It is only reasonable and proper to request that it implements performance targets and issues progress reports and in-depth analyses of program results to Parliament. CIDA`s social development mandate should be amended to unequivocally state that aid will be given in accordance with the priorities of developing countries - not those of its bureaucratic ideologues. It should also revoke its "gender" perspective whose poisoned fruits we now see in some developing Central and South American countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, and Brazil: bold attempts to undermine, in the name of "reproductive health," the foundations of their traditional societies - the family, motherhood and fatherhood, religions that espouse the importance of marriage and the traditional family, and the legal and social structures that protect them.

I will have more to say in a future article about Canada`s reputation as one of the most radical countries in pushing a militant abortion and anti-family agenda at the United Nations and on the international stage.

Thaddée Renault

New Brunswick, Canada

(January 4, 2002)

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