Note: This web site was created to bring its readers my personal contribution to issues surrounding abortion. Often, however, in the course of on-going pro-life research, I come across outstanding gems among the countless articles I peruse, which I feel should be given the widest possible circulation. The following one is a perfect example. It contains that most-valuable intellectual element often able to carry astonishing persuasive power, i.e. issue-oriented humour. I am grateful to Mike of Lifeguard (http://www.life-guard.org/) for allowing me to reprint his article. Enjoy!

France(i)s the Fetus Challenges National Organization for Women's Kim Gandy to a Debate on Feminism (Press Release, July 10, 2002)

WASHINGTON - France(i)s the famous fighting fetus - feisty friend of Lifeguard and emissary of the Almighty - today, July 10, 2002, issued a challenge to National Organization for Women (NOW) National Director Kim Gandy to debate the rationale of "abortion rights" in feminism`s overall struggle for equal rights for women.

"With all due respect to the postie (post-born) Gandy," the fighting fetus said," the arrogation of a ‘right’ to kill me and my prebie (pre-born) brothers and sisters is an insult to feminism`s famously non-violent, pro-life foremothers and a violation of the movement`s peace and justice roots. Gandy must not be familiar with feminist history and principles, yet she runs a national ‘feminist’ organization? How can you claim to have the ‘right’ to kill another human being - especially another female - and also claim to lead a non-violent feminist movement?

"According to feminist writer Dr. Anne Brotherton," France(i)s went on, "individual acts of male violence against women flow from the values and structures of the domination system. The domination system maintains that there is an inherent imbalance of power between women and men.... Feminism is the process of understanding this structural imbalance or power and changing it.... Feminism is a lens through which to see how power is used, and to see the consequences of the imbalance of power.

"Well," France(i)s railed, waggling her/his still-intact umbilical cord, "what about the ‘domination system’ of the abortion lobby and its ‘beneficiaries’ who systematically burn, dismember, or de-brain my mute and trusting sisters and brothers? How come the ‘sisterhood’ doesn`t understand and change that structural, but lucrative, imbalance of power? Because we`re supposedly not humans? Prove it, and I`ll join NOW - that is, if they take us ‘non-humans.’

"We`re just like you," the famous fetus railed, "just passing through an earlier stage of development - like infants, like children, like teenagers pass through. This is self-evident stuff for any thinking person not compromised by raging hormones - or political agenda. How `bout if Ms. Gumby... I mean Gandy - `Gumby` was a favorite cartoon of mine - explains to us just what makes her and other posties human and me and my prebie friends a ‘clump of cells.’

"Viability? Nope, that doesn`t do it. Premature babies - full term babies, in fact - are not viable, since they can`t survive on their own; yet Gandy doesn`t advocate their non-humanity. Reasoning ability? Nope again. Infants don`t have reasoning ability. The babies being ‘wanted?’ Sorry. Wrong again. Even if one were to concede this degrading analogue to Indian and Chinese gender-based infanticide, there are people who want these babies - and Gandy knows this. But that doesn`t deter her from pressing her pro-abortion agenda.

"No," France(i)s concluded, "abortion feminism is just phony feminism. It`s not based on analyzing and reforming male structures of sexist power, but of replacing them with a female version using similar violent means - and using the very thing that the Maker hoped would bring men and women together in marriage: sex.

But the abortion feminists have enlisted this great conjugal analgesic in service of demogoguery and divisiveness - and of sex without love or responsibility. Sex is their cudgel, just like financial power was sexist man`s cudgel - and that`s why they find themselves caught in their own blaring contradictions about pornography, the abortion-breast cancer connection, partial birth abortion, and covering up statutory rape reported during Planned Parenthood abortions. They are now reaping the whirlwind they`ve sown.

"Women have a legitimate and historical grievance with sexism in society," France(i)s went on, "but rectification cannot include the killing of the helpless and innocent. "I will debate Ms. Gandy on the subject at any reasonable site or time, even her own venue. She must, however, refrain from making my fetalhood an issue and agree not to walk out on the debate no matter how embarrassing her overdue education in feminism may become. Let`s just see if Gandy will face the fighting fetus."

Thaddée Renault

New Brunswick, Canada

July 16, 2002

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