The Canadian government has granted "priority review status" to a request by the country`s main distributor and marketer of the only officially available form of abortifacient "emergency contraceptive pills," the so-called "morning-after pills" (MAP), to have the drug Plan B administered over-the-counter without prescription. This unprecedented assault on the unborn and their vulnerable mothers means Canadian pro-lifers - and Knights of Columbus in particular - must act quickly to oppose this odious request by Montreal-based Paladin Labs Inc.

The subject of emergency contraception has already been broached in a previous article, entitled "‘‘Contraception’’ Killing Humans by the Countless Millions." I wish to focus here on other aspects of this potential unrestricted legal use of the morning-after pill, a demonic device apt to bring about a silent pharmaceutical holocaust of unimaginable proportion. Plan B is merely a high dosage of the early type of birth control, which consists of a double-dose of the common birth-control pill. In that regard one should point to the irony that several years ago manufacturers of prescription "normal" dosage pills were forced to lower the dosage because of serious health complications experienced by some women. How does it now make sense to significantly increase the dose and take the doctor or pharmacist out of the picture? Recent studies concerning the insidious side effects of hormone replacement therapies should also have raised red flags with the health authorities.

The last century has been the bloodiest and most murderous in history. The annual loss of North American infants to surgical mutilation today is far far below the number of preborns killed by abortifacient birth control. Indeed, it is not vacuum machines or curettes that kill the great majority of infants after conception, but birth control pill, morning-after pill, hormone injections (Depo-Provera, Norplant), and the solely abortifacient intrauterine device (IUD). Contraception in its abortifacient form, rather than surgical abortions - on which prolifers continue to concentrate most of their efforts - is the real villain in our fight to protect the unborn. Countless millions of tiny preborn citizens have been eradicated from the face of the earth by birth prevention devices and the carnage continues unabated. These abortions, although silent and unseen, are no less abortions in the eyes of God than even are gruesome partial-birth abortions. Moreover, pro-lifers who use abortifacients methods of birth control can`t criticize women whose action differs from their own only in that they have to drive to an abortuary.

Plan B is a human pesticide, of this there is no doubt. If you have an egg, you have an egg, if you have a sperm, you have a sperm. When the two conjugate you have something quite different. You have the beginning of a human life.

Despite initial assurances from Health Canada that this potent drug would only be available by prescription, the Canadian Pharmacists Association has, in conjunction with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, devised a plan whereby the emergency contraception pill would be available without seeing a doctor. Shockingly - and this says a lot about that world body - the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada says the impetus for making that an other similar abortion-inducing drugs available over the counter comes from the United Nations` health arm, the World Health Organization. (One shouldn`t, however, be too scandalized or even surprised by this bit of news, considering the fact that organizations such as WHO are massive bureaucratic bodies that have little or no direct contact with the sick).

As explained before, morning-after pills alter the lining of the uterus with their high estrogen content, so that implantation fails to occur. Apart from the side-effects of the pill making women vomit, bleed, feel sick and dizzy and disturbing their menstrual cycles, studies have shown use of the drugs to be strongly associated with breast cancer, cervical cancer, blood clots, infertility, strokes, ectopic pregnancies, and incidents of thrombosis and blood-clotting problems in some women. This is the drug, folks, Paladin Labs Inc. and the Canadian Pharmacists Association would like to sell to our children as though it were a new shade of eyeliner. With the connivance of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, they have concocted a new definition for pregnancy depending on when a woman is comfortable with when it begins. It depends on ones personal view and what you want to believe. Presently there are two general options you can pick from: at conception or implantation a few days after in the womb. The reality remains however: biologically, physically, genetically, embryologically, pregnancy begins at conception.

Canadian Physicians for Life have warned that "the marketing of the morning-after-pill as a safe medication to avoid pregnancy is false on both counts." "This practice is neither safe nor does it 'prevent' fertilization." The morning-after pill is a "deliberate overdose of a virtually obsolete high dose contraceptive pill which completely overwhelms the body's natural hormone balance." By what moral authority, they ask, are pharmacists, acting in connivance with health departments, prepared to give these pills to underage children without a proper medical diagnosis by a doctor, or without the child's parents being notified for permission?

Promoting the morning-after pill as a panacea is highly unethical for many reasons. But chief among them is that it may lead a woman to unknowingly abort an already developing embryo. To tell women that they are contracepting when they are actually, in many circumstances, aborting, borders on exploitation. Further, making the morning-after pill available without a doctor's prescription to teenage girls sends the wrong message about the need for responsible sexual activity. It can only increase the risk of worsening the current epidemic of sexually transmitted disease. It also fuels promiscuous sex. Earlier this year, Dr David Paton, a leading expert on teenage fertility at the University of Nottingham, released a study suggesting that along with graphic sex education the availability of the morning after pill has increased promiscuous sex. The study confirms the findings of studies conducted in 1999 and 2000 which found that use of family planning information did not lead to a decrease in unwanted pregnancies, and which found that young women who were prescribed the morning-after pill were much more likely to have abortions. Really, we should expect much more from a national association of doctors than misleading women about a drug that can destroy life and irremediably ruin our children`s future happiness.

With Plan B, the above MAP-promoting organizations hope to have pharmacists become Canada`s new abortionists. But just think for a moment of the horrendous consequences of the unregulated dispensing of this potentially harmful drug. When teenage girls get it over-the-counter, they will not be queried about their health history. There will be no way of knowing if these young women will be buying the drug for themselves or for some friends of theirs. How are the druggists to know how old these kids are? How will they know if there is a health problem which would make this high steroid content pill contraindicative? Moreover, there seems to be no intention of training pharmacists to deal with these problems

Canadian Knights can take appropriate steps to oppose the request of Paladin Labs Inc to market without a prescription an abortive drug with many other severe side effects. They should first individually and as councils contact their members of Parliament. They should at the same time write to their federal and provincial ministers of health. It is also important to warn parents of teenage children about the real risks involved with these falsely described "pregnancy prevention" pills. We must finally speak to our pharmacists and make them realize that with the advent of pharmacies dispensing morning-after pills without a doctor`s prescription, they will willingly or unwillingly become the new abortionists of the 21st century. They should also be made aware that they are likely to face lawsuits from parents of teenagers physically or psychologically damaged by having been dispensed risky drugs without parental knowledge or consent.

The morning-after pill, more than any other, constitutes chemical pollution of women`s bodies. People are very health-conscious these days. Many don’’t like the idea of hormone-fed cattle any longer (some countries have even banned the practice altogether). Yet the same people think nothing of dutifully popping a pill into their mouth at regular intervals to combat their fertility. It is called "controlling your own body." Nothing could be further from the truth because women who do so aren`t in touch with their bodily function, but have put themselves under an artificial chemical regimen. We can`t give any credence either to media reports about the morning-after pill`s safety. Few, if any, "medication" have ever been so widely used, yet so little researched. The morning-after pill is unquestionably chemical warfare on women.

Thaddée Renault

New Brunswick, Canada

August 5, 2002

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