Canada`s Minister for International Cooperation announced last September that Canada was contributing an extra $4 million dollar through the Canadian International Development Agency to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) to support family planning, reproductive health and population programs in developing countries. This would be in addition to its regular yearly $10 million donation.

The pretext for this additional donation is "to respond to a special request from UNFPA seeking member state assistance to make up an unexpected budget shortfall." The ministerial release, however, is careful not to mention that this gap was caused by the U.S. determination not to fund this organization`s covert support for China's brutal coercive one-child policy - a decision certainly warranted by Gao Xiao Duan`s January 24 shocking press conference. Mrs. Duan, who served for 14 years as a planned birth officer (whose duties included monitoring women`s menstruations) in Fujian province, publicly stated, "I do know that any organization that is contributing to China's population control policy is encouraging these officials to implement forced abortion, sterilization and punishments ranging from detainment to house destruction as means of enforcement."

The Minister`s news release appears very altruistic and solicitous of the Third World`s dire needs ...until we decipher the euphemisms contained in the announcement. To say that "Canada values the important work undertaken by UNFPA, which strives to ensure accessible, quality reproductive health care throughout the world," is a gross misstatement of the facts about that organization`s often racist projects.

UNFPA enjoys an appalling track history. In reality, it can be viewed as a United Nations organization that is a principal provider of chemical abortion throughout the developing world, and is perhaps the strongest ally of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world's largest promoter of surgical abortion. The fund in fact exists to deplete 'unwanted' populations, to provide chemical abortions and to run interference, as already noted, for China's mercilessly enforced family planning policy. To even consider funding the UNFPA is an outrage to most Canadians who oppose abortion and overwhelmingly prefer that foreign aid cover such basics as clean water, and infant and maternal health.

Isn`t the best approach to the vast numbers of Third World women, who the Minister say are dying from pregnancy-related complications, to provide better prenatal care instead of supplying these mostly anemic women with hormone-induced abortions, production line tubal ligations, and potentially harmful and lethal birth control devices (IUDs, Norplant, etc.)? The Western world has known for over forty years how to stop maternal mortality. It was not legalization of abortion and sterilization. It was the advances in medical science and the improvement in maternal healthcare.

Nor is China unique in the support it receives from UNFPA for dehumanizing population "family planning" programs. A Peruvian government report holds UNFPA at least partially responsible for the forced sterilization of close to 200,000 Peruvian women, stating that "the United Nations Population Fund, known for its support of population control in developing countries, took charge. To that end, the United Nations Population Fund acted as Technical Secretary." Also in Peru, women can be offered 25 kilograms of food in return for submitting to a tubal ligation. Although not coercion in the strict sense, there is something despicable about offering food to poor, hungry Indian women in return for permission to mutilate their bodies. Incredibly also, Peruvian government doctors must do a minimum of six certified sterilization a month or lose their jobs. In Mexico, doctors in government hospitals are under orders to insert abortion causing IUDs in women who have three or more children. Doctors often do this immediately after childbirth, without the foreknowledge or consent of the women violated.

What does a "full range of reproductive health services" actually means in UNFPA coded language? It means very explicit sex information and promotion of condoms, contraception and abortion and acceptance of unmarried sexual activity, homosexuality and undermining of important cultural and religious traditions. This is especially objectionable when rich American foundations - such as the ones funded by people like computer tycoon David Packard, CNN media mogul Ted Turner and Micosoft multi-billionaire Bill Gates - impose their agenda on Third World countries via UNFPA.

It should be noted that the elite rich in the developed nations payed former UNFPA director Nafis Sadik - a Kenyan woman of all people - to run around the world rewarding those who best carry out UNFPA`s racist agenda of population elimination in countries where the people are brown, black or yellow. Meanwhile, vital necessities like food, medicine and education are withheld from those who don't conform to its 'family planning' agenda. Poor people don't want abortions and dangerous contraceptive chemicals - they want a helping hand from their fellow men. Instead UNFPA give them oppression and death under the 'family planning' euphemism.

To informed Canadians, UNFPA is just another example of our tax dollars being used to prevent people instead of helping them. Forced abortions and sterilizations seem to be the idea of social development nurtured by the Minister`s agency. I pity them, but I pity more those women and babies who are the victims of the evil family planning policies that the agency she directs helps UNFPA maintain in China, Peru, Mexico, and other countries. Her responsibility as Canada`s Minister for International Cooperation is to work for humanity, not against a large part of it as is plainly happening in China and Third World countries. Concerned Canadians are pleading with her to start doing her job.

From a laudable organization that it once was, UNFPA has now become a renegade organization not to be trusted. In addition to the crimes of forced abortions and sterilization, atrocities in China, where UNFPA claims that only voluntarism prevails, include documented destruction of homes and properties with jackhammers, crippling fines, and imprisonment for non-compliance with the draconian ‘‘no brother or sister’’ policy. UNFPA was supposed to be a watchdog, but it has now become a lapdog of China`s official birth control police. Despite the evidence piled up against it, this United Nations` organization continues to be a leading international supporter and apologist for China`s population control policy. Consider for example this message shamelessly trumpeted by the current executive director of UNFPA: "China has every reason to feel proud of and pleased with its remarkable achievements made in its family planning policy and control of its population growth over the past 10 years. Now the country could offer its experience and special experts to help other countries." Duh!

A UNFPA demographer declared at an October 1999 briefing that the number of "people which the earth can hold in a sustainable way to be between 700 million and 1 billion people," and said the focus on human rights disturbs him because it draws attention away from this more pressing matter of the carrying capacity of the earth. The planet is, however, big enough for its people. According to UN figures, world population will peak at seven to eight billion by the year 2040. Already, 70-80 countries with half the world`s population have less-than-replacement fertility rates. So, by the middle of the next century, the real global problem will be depopulation.

Reputable demographers have demonstrated the fascinating fact that all the people in the world (6 billion) can fit into Texas all with their own homes and the rest of the world could be their playground. The birth, therefore, of number 6 billion on Oct 12, 1999 is something to celebrate, not something to worry about. The reason world population have reached its current relatively high plateau is that people aren't dying as early as they used to, that they`re not dropping like flies anymore. Now, that's something to celebrate!

The point really is that UNFPA's population control mission has outlived whatever usefulness it may have had. According the UN's own figures, the population of the world is rapidly levelling off and will soon begin to decline. Sixty-one countries now suffer from below replacement fertility. To put it more bluntly, they are now producing more coffins than cradles. In fact, The future is very gloomy, but not for the reasons invoked by UNFPA. The 1996 Revision of the United Nations`s World Population Prospects indicated zero growth by 2040 (other credible sources suggests as early as 2025), with a global population of approximately 7.7 billion people and a median age above 40 - up from a median of 20 years in 1900. Thereafter, if current trends prevail (and there is no reason to believe they won`t), the UN data project for the 22nd century a global population well below the current level, which will include for examples the statistical extinction of Italy - whose current birth rate is an incredible 1.2 - and a crippling 30 to 40% reduction of Japan`s population. The social chaos this will cause throughout the world is beyond imagining.

It is a UNFPA abortion mindset that has largely contributed to the ongoing annual holocaust of some 60 million unborn babies worldwide. And with the anticipated widespread distribution of abortifacient "morning-after pills" it encourages, this number will likely double or even triple.

Thaddée Renault

New Brunswick, Canada

October 9, 2002

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