For the first time in history, Canada is facing a population drop which should begin to show up as early as 2011. Indeed Canada has recorded its lowest rate of population increase since the Great Depression with a recorded birth rate of 1.5. Having embraced the culture of death, Canada is dying, as it well deserves. As stated earlier this year in the National Post: “Having children used to be a way of building the family, of adding building blocks to society. But now it`s seen primarily as a means of self-fulfillment.”

Contributing in large part to this population decline is the government`s inordinately heavy taxation of the single family income. Canadian families are actually paying a total of 48% of their income on taxes, including the general services tax, property taxes, etc. Much like the United States, Canada`s tax system propels women into the labour force. It is a blatant government effort to broaden its tax base by giving discriminatory hefty tax breaks to two-income families. And radical feminism, mostly supported by huge government grants, is playing a big role in making career, not having children, the main goal for a large number of Canadian women.

The professional workplace, despite having been largely occupied by women, still remains a male domain where personal fulfillment and career preoccupations have produced an epidemic of childlessness. Add to this bad mix an ideological belief that the home represents economic dependency on men, akin to a sort of modern day slavery. For too many professional women, unfortunately, empowerment means to be liberated from the drudgery of husbands and children.

The other important contributing factors to my dying country include promiscuity, contraception, the instability of marriage and the family, and an obsessive search for material comfort. So we conceive fewer children than we need to replace ourselves, and those who arrive inconveniently are aborted. Our government also plays a pro-active role in this sad state of affairs. It encourages contraception and backs no-fault divorce. It bankrolls values-free sex education that challenges the family's deeply held views on sexual behaviour. It considers common law unions and same-sex couplings virtually equal to traditional marriage. It ignores families in order to redirects an inordinate amount of efforts and money to the rights of individuals. And, as already alluded to, it enforces tax and other policies that make it financially difficult and often socially unacceptable for parents to devote full time to their children.

Three years into the millennium we are faced with low productivity and a scarcity of skills. The sharp downturn in Canada`s population is bound to result in a severe labour deficit, starting with experienced technical and trades workers. Then there are the teachers, health care personnel, expert information technicians and academics who will be in short supply. This lack of workers will create havoc and inescapably lead to an increase in the average age of workers and the wages they can insist upon because of their low numbers.

Nowhere, however, is the demographic mess Canada finds itself in more startling than in the province of Quebec - once one of the world`s most devout and principled Catholic society. And as goes Quebec today, so will Canada as a country.

Since its so-called ‘Quiet Revolution,’ Quebec has been a flock literally without shepherds, comparable in fact with other Catholic nations in the world such as Spain, Italy and Portugal. Without the support of a strong church and a Christian mentality, adaptation to post-modern culture has been particularly difficult for these societies.

Quebec which now faces a suicidally low birth rate stubbornly refuses to recognize the demographic mess it wallows in. Its nationalist government shamelessly finances abortion on demand, sterilizations, genetic manipulations, and provides social benefits for childless homosexual “families.” Surely this is not a society that deserves to survive as a distinct society in North America, as it so desperately strives to do. It does not deserve to survive because it obviously doesn`t want to.

It is also clear that Quebec only maintains its population level through massive immigration. Actually, it has undergone an amazing transformation of its French ethnic population over the past 10 to15 years. The French-Canadian people are being replaced by a foreign population as a result of its anemic birth rate and general and systematic recourse to massive abortion - all preconditions for its inevitable “quiet” disappearance.

Statistics Canada reveals that during 2000 in Quebec, the proportion of children with French as mother tongue showed a stunning reduction of 4% to 77.4. In the Montreal region, the largest integration center for immigrants, the situation is considered catastrophic by the nationalist authorities: only 43% of the children born in 2000 were francophone, 17% anglophone, and 38% spoke a foreign language. The statistics are shocking for French Quebec: of the 20,025 babies born in 2000 in the Montreal region, only 8,568 were French-speaking. Considering the 23,394 immigrants that Montreal received in 1999, the ‘Louisianazation’ of Quebec is on-going.

In a display of utter stupidity, the ruling Parti Québecois (with the enthusiastic support of its official opposition) earmarked $3.2 million this year for “the best abortion services” in all the regions of Quebec. What an incredible display of total lack of logic! Consider that, since the legalization of abortion, some 600,000 little babies have been killed in that province (enough to populate an extra province the size of my own).

In 2001, some 30,000 babies were killed in Quebec. This year, Premier Bernard Landry asked the federal government an increased allocation of 40,000 immigrants for his province - seemingly oblivious to the fact that his government had provided public funds last year to 30,000 Quebec women to kill their unborn children. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature (i.e. Celsius) would find it more logical to take these 3 millions and spend them to help women along with their pregnancies rather than giving the money to snuff out the lives of their little ones.

Quebec needs to reflect on its actions. If it continues to kill 30,000 to 40,000 babies every year and, at the same time, continues to bring in 40,000 immigrants, within ten years it will be totally populated by strangers. Add to this the sobering fact that Quebec holds the world record for youth suicides. One need not be labeled a racist for stating how socially disruptive all this can become in a fiercely nationalist Quebec which, over the past 30 years, has passed from an example of demographic explosion to one of demographic implosion. What weird type of nationalism is promoted by leaders who actually smother Quebec at its very source - its natality? This alarming social upheaval is directly attributable to the rejection of a once fertile Quebec with its rich Catholic traditions. That period is scornfully referred to by its present leaders as “la grand noirceur” (the great darkness). What nation can survive so complete a rejection of its past?

‘Old Quebec’ is a tourist slogan which capitalizes on the unique architecture that characterized the original 17th and 18th century quarters of the city, most of which are still quite in evidence today. However, that expression can now be used in its more anthropological sense. ‘Old’ is what Quebec is nowadays as a people.

Following the results of the 2001 census, all the Quebec papers were astonished by the old age of the province. They could all foresee a demographic catastrophe in the making - one in which the younger generation will be unable to support the burden of their seniors, and where the working population will find itself incapable to assume the financial weight of old age pensions. The present chronic and structured under-funding of Quebec`s health system is but a symptom of the looming social and political crisis.

As it has already been so well expressed in Canada`s scholarly ‘Catholic Insight’ magazine, “The proximate cause of our dying is a failure to reproduce ourselves. The remote causes of our dying are pride, lust, and greed. Appropriately, the wise among us call these deadly sins. The foolish consider such vices to be virtues, self-esteem, self-expression, self-fulfilment.”

Canada must face the hard reality that it is gradually dying. So gradually in fact that we can barely notice it. We are unquestionably in palliative care. Comfortable maybe, but in the final stages palliation will fail and we will die, unable as a nation to reverse the tragic aftermaths of a death culture.

Thaddée Renault

New Brunswick, Canada

December 1, 2002

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