Prior to the late 50s and early 60s, Canadian society derived most of its moral principles from Christian doctrine. With the advent of the sexual revolution, 2,000 years of valuable Christian tradition was suddenly thrown overboard for a completely new model of human behaviour. On the eve of entry into the third millennium, having veered away from the Church`s uncompromising moral teachings, we see that prime-time television has now become today`s great teacher of societal values. Any scientific poll on people`s attitudes towards assisted suicide, homosexuality, and abortion will confirm the sad reality of the many in our nation now living by the Gospel according to Oprah, Seinfeld, Carl Sagan, David Suzuki, or whatever other easily recognizable television character you want to name.

We now discover that television and the entertainment industry have their sights fixed on still another of what they consider a deplorable example of the Catholic Church`s excessive rigidity and insensitivity. After putting their stamp of approval on homosexuality with the famous "coming out" of lesbian Ellen DeGeneres, star of the 'Ellen' sitcom, television and Hollywood`s spiritual hierarchies has now added abortion to their fast expanding list of normal human behaviour.

As outrageous as was the public`s approval for a prime-time homosexual, it was gained through clever but purely secular arguments. This can`t be said, unfortunately, about 'Nothing Sacred', a show with a new perverted twist. In this television comedy, the anti-Catholic arguments are made by lovable Catholic clerics! Much more than they were for 'Ellen,' Knights everywhere should be very troubled by this show trying to push Catholics to demand church sanctioned abortion, as well as other immoral practices. Let me explain why this comedy should be particularly revolting to devout Catholics.

The central problem with the show is its blatantly political agenda: Catholics who follow the church's teachings are painted as coldhearted authoritarians who are knee-deep in ritual, while those who dissent from the church are seen as compassionate, likable persons who actually practice Christian virtues. 

To increase the attractiveness of their characters, the producers have made sure the good guys who dissent do not reject the church's teachings on welfare reform, immigration, nuclear weapons and the death penalty - all those "social justice" popular themes. No, what they reject are the church's teachings on sexuality. In other words, the dissidents entertain a view of sexuality that matches very well with the perspective entertained by Hollywood`s self-proclaimed intellectual elite. 

'Nothing Sacred's' Father Ray is quite a guy. When he's not tending to his soup kitchen, he's instructing the faithful that it's time to "call a moratorium on the sins of the flesh." To be specific, he denounces the church's teachings on abortion, contraception, homosexuality and promiscuity and declares he's tired of being a "sexual traffic cop." We are then told that this homily was such a hit that donations shot way up. 

One scene in the confessional is especially sad. A young woman, troubled by the prospect of an abortion, seeks guidance. And what does Father Ray tell her? Go make up your own mind. If one can rely on today`s television moral guides, no doubt this politically correct priest would have counseled differently, had this woman been contemplating smoking instead of abortion.

Canadians are certainly not immune from this type of blatant anti-Christian propaganda. We have, for instance, popular Canadian writer Farley Mowat who raved that if he had the chance, he`d eliminate all traces of Judaism, Christianity and Islam from the face of the earth. We also have a David Suzuki who pontificates that the definition of "human life is a social, personal issue, not a scientific one." And, hey, what about that bozo Michael Enright, Peter Gzowski`s likely replacement on 'Morningside', with his depiction of the Roman Catholic Church as the "greatest criminal organization outside the Mafia"? Also calls himself "a recoving Catholic," presumably as one would from alcoholism. In a letter I received from the vice-president of CBC Radio, he proclaims that "I still include myself among Mr. Enright`s admirers and consider him to be a great asset to CBC Radio." And we subsidize this nonsense in Canada!!

Thaddée Renault

Pro-Life Program

New Brunswick State Council

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