Over the last few months or so, it seems we can`t open our daily papers

without reading about some hideous stories concerning extreme abuse of the

newborn or small children, some leading to horrifying cases of infanticides.

Most everyone must be familiar by now with the story of the young mother who

gave birth and then left her baby to die during a prom dance. What`s makes

this particular case so gruesome is the casualness with which the mother

executed this horrendous crime.

According to a friend, 18-year-old Melissa Drexler paused in front of the

mirror in the bathroom to touch up her makeup before rejoining her date on

the dance floor - this after having tossed her 6½-pound baby boy into a

trash bin next to the bloodstained

stall in the restroom where she had given birth.

It is hard to believe, but much was said to depend on whether it could be

determined that the baby died before the umbilical cord was cut, as it could

then be argued that the baby was still "a part" of his mother and,

therefore, she could not be subjected to

any sort of legal prosecution. She was, however, in fact charged with

murder, when an autopsy revealed her newborn was strangled.

Similar cases of post-natal infanticide are being reported with increasing

frequency in Canada. New Brunswick has not been spared these inconceivable

acts of lethal child abuse. The past October trial, covering two-year-old

Jacqueline Brewer`s lonely

death of dehydration and starvation in a crib in her parents`s, apartment in

Saint John, N.B., attests to the increasing frequency everywhere of

infanticides of the newborn.

We ask ourselves in bewilderment who could have taught Melissa Drexler, and

others she imitated, to regard her newborn as disposable trash? Many

factors are no doubt involved. But the one explanation, which surely must

surpass all others, is

government-sponsored abortion on demand. Like countless thousands of her

peers, this unfortunate teenager has grown up in a society that does not

stress deferral of gratification, and it`s not her fault that the baby

arrived during the prom, for

Pete`s sake! She has come of age in a society where condom-dispensing

schools teach what amounts to the plumbing of sex for pleasure-seeking


Also like countless thousands of other young adults, she has probably spent

much of her leisure time watching movies and television programs not

designed to suggest that sexuality has morally complex dimensions and

serious consequences. If she is like the thousands of other young adults,

she has pumped into her ears endless hours of the obscene, dehumanizing

lyrics of popular rock music... Marilyn Manson style. And she certainly has

grown up in a social environment saturated with government and academic

leaders` approbation of, and collaboration with, the political program of

reducing abortion to a mere "choice," like choosing to smoke a

cigarette...only not nearly that serious.

This example of barbaric behaviour at a dance is being termed a tragedy

calling for compassion all around. What misplaced wishy-washy emotional

thinking this is. One talks of a tornado or an earthquake as a tragedy.

What this young woman did can only be described as an act of pure

wickedness, and a society that is incapable of anger about it has to be

viewed as simply decadent.

Melissa Drexler`s macabre prom night activities epitomize the growing number

of infanticides perpetrated on the newborn. As monstrous as they must be

considered, they might have the beneficial effect of transforming the vague

unrest over these vicious acts into a general public recognition that

today`s abortion culture, with its casual creation and destruction of life,

is nothing if not demonic.

Thaddée Renault

Pro-Life Program

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