Websites of the Year

Year Website of the Year Location Webmaster
2002 Bishop Peterson Council #4442

Salem, New Hampshire USA

Scott Routhier

2001 Xpress Daily Internet K of C News

 District 12, Missouri, USA

 Dan Lowe

2000 Knights of Columbus Directory Massena, New York SK Paul Willer
1999 Vicksburg Council #898 Vicksburg, Mississippi Greg Rottman & Tony Dardeau
1998 Langford Council #8394 British Columbia, Canada Jay Zimmerman
1997 Washington State Council Washington State John H. Williams


Webmasters of the Year

Year Webmaster of the Year Description Home Council
Brian Ennis (left)
Knightsite's 2008 Webmaster of the Year
2005 Noel Villamor
Knightsite's 2005 Webmaster of the Year

Robert J. Fuggiti
Knightsite's 2002 Webmaster of the Year


Illinois State's Robert J. Fuggiti, Former District Deputy, State Warden (2001-2002), and Past Grand Knight of Chicago's Father Ryan Council #5025, took an early interest in helping to expand the online presence of the K of C when he offered to keep up the Illinois State Web Directory on Knightsite. His contributions as a K of C Internet Pioneer began in 1994, when he started his Council Website and in 1997 when he approached the State Council and offered to create the Illinois State Website. His effort in getting the Illinois State Council and many local Illinois councils online is commendable. He took on the maintenance of the Illinois State Web Directory, helping to unify the state's online council. He continues to maintain the Illinois State Council Website, the Illinois State Web Directory, the Chicago Chapter Website and the Father Ryan Council Website to this day. You can find links to his web work at the web URL:

Father Ryan Council #5025, Chicago Illinois, USA


2001 Gary Thomson

Brother Gary Thomson of Council 5453, Burlington, Kentucky is one of the best and most productive K of C webmasters. Gary maintains the Kentucky State web-site plus web-sites for Council 5453, Council 1301 and Assembly 307. He is also webmaster for the Knights of Columbus International Council of Webmasters, spokesman for the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, and executive advisor to the International Catholic Internet Association (I.C.I.A.) based in Rome, Italy. This is the first Knightsite Webmaster of the Year Award. Brother Gary Thomson was the inspiration for the creation of this award. Congratulations! You can contact him via e-mail at .

Council #5453 Burlington, Kentucky USA

Special Awards

Year Award Council Location Webmaster Description
2001-2002 Special  Award Concord Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire USA Glenn P. Camley Ribbon of Hope Campaign & Website
Sir Knight Glenn P. Camley, Grand Knight and Webmaster, created a fine website for his own council. What makes this council website truly outstanding is that it is the home of the famous Ribbon of Hope Campaign. The Ribbon of Hope Campaign was an immediate response to the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. This campaign gave Brother Knights and others the opportunity to voice their support, share their grief, and send their donations during one of the darkest times in our country's history. 
2002 Special Award Bishop Maurice F. Burke Council #4031 Cody, Wyoming USA Marlene Sibley Annual Advent Calendar & Website
The Bishop Maurice F. Burke Council #4031 in Cody, Wyoming has long been associated with Christmas through the Annual Advent Calendar published year after year, on their council's website. This council's website was created and published by webmaster Marlene Sibley, wife of Brother Knight Paul Sibley. This year's Advent Calendar is scheduled for publication on December 1, 2002. This entire website, but especially its Advent Calendar and its Parables Pages, comes highly recommended. We encourage you and your family to visit this website's Annual Advent Calendar throughout Advent Season. We also encourage you to explore the many features of Council #4031's website during the rest of the year as well.

Websites of the Month


Month Year Council Location Webmaster
Jan 2002 Our Lady of Queenship Council #4068 Camp Hill, Pennsylvania USA W. Glenn & Stephen FitzSimons
Feb 2002 All Saints Council #11402 Dunwoody, Georgia USA Gert Kampfer
Mar 2002 Msgr. Cramers Assembly #0320 Lake Charles, Louisiana USA Lee Roy Cates
Apr 2002 "Mother Council of Georgia" Council #631 Savannah, Georgia USA  
May 2002 Mary's Knights Council #10505 Charlotte, North Carolina USA  
Jun 2002 Archbishop Carney Assembly #2701 British Columbia, Canada Tom Carr
Jul 2002 Robert W. Powell Council #3488 Uniondale, New York USA Mike Dragonetti
Aug 2002 Fr. Joe E. Mills Council #10486 Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada Scott Faulkner
Sep 2002
Oct 2002 Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno Council #13024 Luke Air Force Base, Glendale, Arizona USA Ivan Rivera
Nov 2002 San Ildefonso de Guiguinto Council #10639 Guiguinto, Bulacan, Luzon, Philippines Andrew Nathaniel G. Santos
Dec 2002 Texas State Council Texas, USA Ruben Jimenez


Month Year Council Location Webmaster
Jan 2001 St. Elizabeth Seton #9022 Rancho LaCosta, California Larry Kolker
Feb 2001 Bangkal Council #8824 Davao City, Mindinao, Philippines  Noel Villamor
Mar 2001  Xpress Daily Internet K of C News  District 12, Missouri, USA  Dan Lowe
Apr 2001  Michigan Columbian Squires Michigan, USA  Dan Nurenberg
May 2001  Kansas State Council  Kansas, USA  Rev. Thomas H. Dolezal
Jun 2001  Kentucky State Council Kentucky, USA Gary L. Thomson
Jul 2001  Alberta/NWT State Council Alberta, Canada SK Peter Wong
Aug 2001  San Luis Obispo Council #1271  California, USA  Matthew Herrera
Sep 2001      
Oct 2001  Georgetown University Council #6375 Washington, D. C., USA   S/K John Barry Waters, FDGK
Nov 2001 Florida State Council Florida, USA Vince Federico DD#22
Dec 2001 Bishop Buddy Assembly #2122 California USA Greg Koepke


Month Year Council Location Webmaster
Jan 2000 Vermont State Council Vermont, USA  
Feb 2000 Sir Knight R. Thomas Blake, FIC Washington State, USA  
Mar 2000 Msgr. Hunt Council #3312  Dearborn Heights, Michigan  
Apr 2000

Steve Mackevic Council #7938
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  
May 2000 Massachusetts State Council Massachusetts, USA  
Jun 2000 Rhode Island State Council Rhode Island, USA  
Jul 2000 North Carolina State Council North Carolina, USA  
Aug 2000 Council #6266 Beaverton, Oregon USA  
Sep 2000 Council #4828 Fallon, Nevada USA  
Oct 2000 St. Johns River Council #10850 Jacksonville, FL USA   Darryl E. Blatzer, PGK and  James F. Ventimiglia, Jr., FS
Nov 2000 Illinois State Council Illinois, USA Bob Fuggiti
Dec 2000 Bishop Maurice Burke Council #4031 Cody, Wyoming USA Paul & Marlene Sibley


Month Year Council Location Webmaster
January 1999 St. John the Evangelist #7515 Morrisville, Pennsylvania  
February 1999 Saskatoon K of C Saskatchewan, Canada  
March 1999 Ontario State Council Ontario, Canada  
April 1999 South Carolina State Council South Carolina  
May 1999 Unborn Children's Website New Brunswick, Canada Authored by Thaddee Renault
June 1999 Virginia State Council Virginia  
July 1999 St. Mary's of the Grove #11138 Tampa, Florida  
August 1999 Wyoming State Council Wyoming  
September 1999 Pennsylvania State Council Pennsylvania  
November 1999 Our Lady of Mount Carmel #8902 Temperance, Michigan  
December 1999 K of C Webring Brother Lance Velez  


Month Year Council Location Webmaster
January 1998 Father Hugon #3521 Tallahassee, Florida  
February 1998 Father Jeremiah J. Reilly Council #6561 North Merrick, New York Randy Shannon
March 1998 St. Elizabeth Seton #9022 Rancho LaCosta, California  
April 1998 St. John the Beloved #11796 Wilmington, Delaware  
May 1998 Our Lady Queen of Victory #3358 Sarasota, Florida  
June 1998 Luke E. Hart #5636 Daleville, Alabama  
July 1998 Ohio State Council Ohio  
August 1998 Maryland State Council Maryland  
September 1998 Langford Council #8394 British Columbia, Canada Jay Zimmerman
October 1998 Damien DeVuester #6906 Aiea, Hawaii  
November 1998 New York State Council New York Ralph Handley
December 1998 Robert H. Weaver #12005 Aurora, Illinois  


Month Year Council Location Webmaster
June 1997 St. Francis of Assisi #9496 Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada Thom Joordens
July 1997 University of Notre Dame #1477 Notre Dame, Indiana  
August 1997 Benedict XV #2355 Cliffside Park, New Jersey  
September 1997 Springfield #6153 Springfield, Virginia  
October 1997 Juneau K of C Juneau, Alaska  
November 1997 St. Henry #12012 Nashville, Tennessee  
December 1997 Fray Francisco Garces #3855 Glendale, Arizona